Phoebe Austin Launches debut single with a bang.


All eyes are firmly focused on one amazing 13-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician as she is set to launch her professional career with her first exclusive event on Sunday 25th of November 2018 at the Quay Theater in Sudbury.  As Phoebe Austin prepares for her single launch event, her debut single ‘Thinking’ is already making positive steps in the worldwide DJ charts.  She has already captured the hearts and imagination of many around the world.  Her ability not just to sing and write but also to communicate goes well beyond her years.  

Phoebe Austin debut show

Joining Phoebe Austin on stage at her launch event will be other amazing young singers and performers including special guest Tyler Ford. The world Champion boxing and kickboxing prodigy who has broken all records and picked up a BCA medal from the palace of Westminster for his service to the sport.  He’s not even a teenager yet! Phoebe Austin and Tyler Ford have joined together on several fronts and have become friends.  They intend to front an Anti-bullying campaign and help others reach their full potential without being stumbled by bullying.

This event will also see Phoebe Austin perform with a band for the first time.  Phoebe has been locked in rehearsals for weeks now in preparation for her launch.  She was supposed to perform with her dancers ‘The Phoebets’ but unfortunately, one of the dancers was involved in a car accident.  We briefly spoke to Phoebe Austin by phone and she told us:

I’m very excited and nervous about things but I am really looking forward to it.  I have been working hard and I want everyone to have a great show and go away with good memories of the event.  We have had some ups and downs with one of my dancers being hurt in a car accident and Cole Silva coming down with a throat infection (she was our host) but we now have another great host and I have the band so as I am learning in show business you just have to get on with it

Phoebe Austin

Thinking the single is released the day after the event on Monday the 26th of November on Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/shlepp Records.  Written by Phoebe Austin, the radio mix and Tacoma mixes are produced by Stevie Eagle E.  The two mixes could not be more different either so we recommend you have a listen to all the mixes including the acoustic mix with Phoebe and her guitar doing it how she does best.  It’s a very solid and rounded package and a very strong start from any artists much less one that is only 13 years old.  We feel Phoebe Austin will go from strength to strength.  She is an undoubted talent with all the abilities needed and has the right head on her shoulders and an amazing team at Shlepp Entertainment and a great producer and mentor in Stevie Eagle E.  One record does not make a superstar so we have to see how Phoebe Austin develops over time.  We like many others in the world are watching with eager anticipation as this 13-year-old child prodigy begins her journey into the world of music.

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