Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Releases ‘Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister’ And Promises : ‘The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction’


Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha, 56, has just released a tell-all book in the US this week.

The revealing memoir is titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: A Memoir, Part One.

The revealing book focuses on the complex rift within the Markle family, promising the reader that the “truth is stranger than fiction”.

Delving into the upbringing of the siblings the book explores the rivalry that has long existed between Meghan and Samantha and criticizes Meghan for shunning her American relatives, especially her father, Thomas.

According to the Daily Mail, the book reveals that Samantha was full of love for her younger sibling when she was a baby, describing her as ‘bi-racial, beautiful, and was both the color of a peach and a rose’.

Samantha also writes of her family: ‘Our lives have not always been easy, and no one is perfect. We have laughed, agreed, disagreed, and forgiven each other, which is what makes families so special’.

The book is clearly critical of Meghan, with chapter titles such as Queen Would be Appalled and Looking For Mr. Right The Wrong Way.

The Duchess of Sussex has not commented publicly on the release of the memoir, but sources close to her claim that she is “sick to her stomach” over it.

Samantha is 17 years older than Meghan and the sisters share the same father, Thomas Markle, but different mothers. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, was the only immediate family member of the bride to attend the royal wedding in 2018. Thomas Markle drew extensive media attention at the time over his refusal to attend the wedding for medical reasons.

Samantha, who lives in Florida, suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. The book, released this week in the US via American bookselling giant Barnes and Noble, was a project that took several years, Samantha announcing her plans to write it four years ago.

The book includes the description: ‘Things are not always as they seem, in a world where social labels define who we are, how we live, and how we view each other.

‘Samantha Markle finds herself caught in between the crosshairs of media mayhem when she reveals hidden truths about her family.’

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, who lives in Santa Barbara with Prince Harry, 36, and 1-year-old Archie, is unlikely to respond publicly to the new book, but it is hard to imagine it will have no impact on the actress.

The Daily Mail reports that Meghan last saw Samantha back in 2008. It is unlikely the release of this book will change that.


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