McDonald’s And KFC Offer Food Assistance Amid Russian Invasion


American fast-food chains McDonald’s and KFC have begun offering food to militants and others in need to help Ukrainians fight off the Russian invasion.

The companies have temporarily shut down local eateries since Russia launched an all-out war against Ukraine on Feb. 24. The Russian advance into Ukraine continues as fighting takes place in different cities and regions. Kyiv and other cities have been pounded by Russia’s artillery and cruise missiles.

The two global fast-food chains have been showing on social media how they are stepping up their efforts to support Ukraine through the difficult days while ensuring the safety of their employees.

McDonald’s announced that it will donate food to local councils so that it can be distributed to those in need. The food donation will include products that don’t need to be cooked, such as water, vegetables, fruits, eggs, rolls, and salads.

KFC has also made a similar commitment though focusing more on helping soldiers. The Kentucky-based company’s local restaurants opened their kitchens on Feb. 26 to prepare food for those in need but particularly for the military, territorial defense, and hospitals.

“There are many people who are hungry outside the cities, and they need our help,” the social media post reads.

KFC called upon other restaurants across the country to open their kitchens as well and help prepare food for those in need.

“We are now one big family, helping each other without hesitation!” KFC wrote.