Man Charged For Allegedly Vandalizing Senator’s Office With An Ax


The man who is accused of vandalizing North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven’s (R) office in Fargo was charged with criminal mischief Thursday, December 24, 2020.

Cass County charged Thomas Alexander Starks, claiming that he “willfully damaged tangible property of another, intentionally causing pecuniary loss in excess of two thousand dollars but not in excess of ten thousand dollars.”

Video of the attack on the office appears to show Starks walking up a set of stairs to a door carrying an ax and then smashing an office window before walking away.

Prosecutors allege that Starks “willfully damaged office windows, a window frame, and an intercom system.”

Alex Finken, a spokesperson for Hoeven, told The Hill on Wednesday that staff discovered the vandalism on Monday morning.

“We reported it and appreciate the dedicated work of our law enforcement,” Finken said.