Lindsey Graham Calls To Cut Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits By $7/hour [Video]


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on April 14, 2020, pointed to impeachment when he was asked to react to a propaganda video President Donald Trump played in the White House briefing room on Monday. He also called to cut benefits for the unemployed by up to $7/hour.

In an interview on Fox & Friends, Graham defended the president’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“The American people understand what you’ve done for them,” Graham reassured the president. “And this effort to destroy Trump no matter the cost to the country is getting a bit old and it’s pissing a lot of people off.”

“The president has made hard calls well and we’re going to be well below the 100,000 minimum expected [deaths],” he continued. “And it’s due to his leadership and the American people working together.”

“What did you think of that video they put together?” Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt wondered. “They put together a timeline of him saying in January, ‘Travel ban.’ Then you had people in the media saying, ‘This is ridiculous, this is going too far.’”

“I thought that was pretty smart on his part,” she added.

“People are dying right now and this president is doing everything humanly possible to work with anybody that will work with him,” Graham replied. “Do you know when impeachment ended? February 6th we voted to acquit the president and Democratic leaders who are criticizing the president now wanted to extend the trial for weeks to call more witnesses.”

“You’ve got to remember the Democratic Party on February 6th was asking the Senate to stay in session to get more witnesses!” the senator added. “These are the people who are criticizing him.”

Graham went on to suggest that coronavirus relief benefits are making workers not want to return to their jobs.

“Here’s the problem,” he explained. “The unemployment benefits in South Carolina are $23/hour to be unemployed. You’ve got a lot of small businesses trying to keep their employees on the payroll paying $16 and $17/hour. One program is undercutting the other.”

“We’ve got to get that fixed,” Graham insisted.


Raw Story: Lindsey Graham calls to cut coronavirus unemployment benefits by $7/hour: ‘We’ve got to get that fixed’

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