Lincoln Project Founders ‘Disgusted And Outraged’ After 21 Men Accused Co-Founder Of Sexual Harassment


Reacting to a report in the New York Times that founding member John Weaver has been accused of sexually harassing young men while sometimes offering to help them get work in politics, the Lincoln Project has cut him off from the anti-Trump group saying they are “disgusted and outraged” by his alleged actions.

According to the Times, Weaver, “has for years sent unsolicited and sexually provocative messages online to young men, often while suggesting he could help them get work in politics, according to interviews with 21 men who received them, ” adding, “His solicitations included sending messages to a 14-year-old, asking questions about his body while he was still in high school and then more pointed ones after he turned 18.”

The report goes on to note that Weaver has been a high profile conservative consultant, having once advised John McCain’s presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2008 and John Kasich’s in 2016.

The report notes that there are no accusations of sexual assault, stating, ” …none of the men accused Mr. Weaver of unlawful conduct. Rather, many of them described feeling preyed upon by an influential older man in the field in which they wanted to work, and believing they had to engage with his repeated messaging or lose a professional opportunity.”

Extending their sympathy to the Weaver’s victims, the Lincoln Project’s statement claimed they are “absolutely shocked and sickened’ by the news, adding that they feel “betrayed and deceived.”

You can see their statement below: