Lightyear Drops ‘I Need A Lover’ On Sobel Nation Records



Lightyear returns to Sobel Nation Records with the follow-up to his LGBT anthem “Stand Up.”

“I Need A Lover,” tells the story of a person seeing an individual across the room and you just know you want that person to go home with you for a night of passion.

Featuring an original mix from Billboard Charting mixer E39. The Remix package features mixes from Billboard charting mixers Larry Peace, Spin Sista, and SPare. Sobel Promotions Jack Chang gives us his signature Big Room sound. Frank Feliz rounds off the remix package.

When Lightyear (Scott Finnell) was 16 years old, he began to write his own songs.

In the 80’s he toured with a band on Capitol/EMI Records and wrote two of the songs for their album.

Lightyear dropped out of music and got a real job. However, the music never left him and now is back and signed to Sobel Nation Records.


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Written by Barbara Sobel

Sources: Sobel Promotions/Sobel Nation Records

Featured and Top Image Courtesy Of Sobel Promotions