kamala Harris proves that racism is not just a white thing

Kamala Harris's statement on equity after the hurricane disaster is out and out racist and inhumane

kamala Harris proves that racism is not just a white thing
kamala Harris proves that racism is not just a white thing

The comments made recently by Kamala Harris may go down as perhaps the most despicable comments made in the face of a disaster by any government official ever, much less by the vice president of America.  The media would often take issue with Donald Trump over many of his comments (often times rightly so) but seem in general to be making excuses for Kamala’s Blatant racist and unconstitutional comments even though they are undefendable on a humanitarian or constitutional basis.

For those of you not paying attention, you will be wondering what did she say that was so bad.  Quite simply put she said that help for victims of the worse hurricane to hit the USA in living memory should be dished out according to colour and demographic.  Let’s put this in a more simple context.  According to Kamala Harris, the black vice president of America, A first responder when hit with a deluge of requests for life-saving help from stricken people in a hurricane should not consider logistics, need, speed or any other factor first, they should consider race! and financial circumstances.  I can’t think of a more foolish, inhumane, insensitive and racist comment than that.  Quite frankly it had the desired effect of causing panic among stricken white residents affected by the hurricane because they believed they would be neglected and left to suffer because of the colour of their skin and the fact that they belong to a more favourable demographic.

The world is a very divided place at the moment, but natural disasters and tragedy tend to be a way of bringing people together and showing us that we are all equal all one people.  It is rare that something like this is used to divide, in fact, I cannot remember a time when something like this has ever been done or said in circumstances like this. The fact that it takes a Black woman, who is also the vice president of America to be the first to add her name to this horrible statistic is embarrassing and shameful not just to black people but to women.  When I think of the words from the famous Beyonce song championing women running the world and being better at it, I cringe, because looking at Kamala Harris that is obviously not the case.

Two wrongs do not make a right.  Love thy neighbour ring a bell for anyone?  Yes, many wrongs have been perpetrated against black people and people of colour everywhere, also white people.  That does not mean we do the same back to those who did it to us.  That just propagates a cycle of hate that never ends.  The myth that all black cultures and people are somehow exempt from racism, evil and slavery and need to be saved from the horrible white man is a lie.  The truth of the matter is people are people and all are capable and just as likely to subdue, mistreat, discriminate and hurt others, but also we are all just as capable of showing love, kindness and equality (not equity) to our fellow human beings if given the chance.   However, none of this will happen with someone like Kamila Harris leading the way and that is very sad indeed.