Joe Rogan Admits He Lied About Schools Using Litter Boxes


In a surprise to no one, Joe Rogan recently spread misinformation on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. In perhaps a surprise to some, however, he owned up to it, admitting that he had “no proof” when he said that American high schools were installing litter boxes in bathrooms for students who identify as furries.

Rogan told former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in an October episode of his podcast that such a thing was happening, referring to a “friend” whose schoolteacher wife said she’d been badgered about offering a litterbox by a mother whose daughter “identifies as an animal.”

Furries undoubtedly exist, but the idea that the group has bullied public schools into accommodating them has long been debunked as a conservative talking point meant to make the “tolerant left” look unreasonable. Rogan admitted to contributing to the myth on Wednesday’s podcast. After guest Michael Shermer noted that the furry story has been used to mock liberals, Rogan conceded, “I fed into that.”

After being called out for spreading misinformation, Rogan said he went back to his friend to have his wife explain exactly what happened at her school. He ultimately wrung his hands and said she no longer works at that school and doesn’t know if the litter box was actually installed. “I don’t think they actually did it,” Rogan said. “I think there was discussions about doing it because there was one particularly wacky mother, but it doesn’t seem that there’s any proof that they put a litter box in there.”

Despite constantly feeding into conservative antics, Rogan has said he’s actually a “bleeding heart liberal” about many topics and refused to interview Donald Trump, who he called a “man-baby” on Adderall. Just don’t get your news from his podcast, okay?