Ivanka Trump Mistakenly Tags Meat Loaf in Photo of Her Father


Ivanka Trump raised eyebrows on Monday with a selfie of herself and her dad shared on Twitter and Instagram, in which the president — who could be seen staring down at his phone rather than the camera — was mistakenly tagged with the handle for the singer Meat Loaf.

“Off to Georgia with dad! Get out and VOTE Georgia!!! ????????” the younger Trump, referencing the Georgia Senate runoff elections, wrote as the caption for two photos of her and her dad aboard Air Force One.

In the first photo, Ivanka can be seen smiling at the camera, while in the second, she offers a more stoic look. The president, meanwhile, is looking down at his own phone in both photos.

As Twitter users noted, Ivanka failed to tag her dad Donald Trump in the photo, instead of tagging the singer Meat Loaf, known for his power rock ballads such as “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights”, “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” and “I’d Lie for You (And That’s The Truth).”

“Ivanka Trump accidentally tagging MeatLoaf instead of her dad is the best thing to have happened in 2021 so far,” consultant Andrew Bloch wrote.

Meat Loaf’s handle has since been removed from the photo, which is now tagged with Trump’s handle and that of the GOP’s official account.

Other social media users also seized on the mishap, joking that a surprise Meat Loaf appearance “wouldn’t even be *today’s* weirdest thing” and speculating that perhaps the singer and the president were actually the same person.

Meat Loaf, 74, actually does have ties to Trump, having appeared on season 11 of The Celebrity Apprentice, back when the now-president hosted the show.

During one particularly prescient moment in the show, the two men could be seen discussing a potential Trump campaign for president.

“Everybody’s saying I should run for president — Meat Loaf, do you think I should run for president?” Trump asked in the episode, aired in 2011.

“Absolutely,” Meat Loaf replied. “I would vote for you; in fact, I’ll help you with your campaign.”

The men reportedly had a falling out, however, after the singer told a reporter that Trump would be a good fit for “a finance position” when asked if he’d make a good president.

Though he said in a January 2020 interview with the Daily Express that Trump got “really angry” at him as a result, the singer claimed he wasn’t intimidated.

“I stood up to him because I’m really not afraid of him and if I was in his cabinet I really wouldn’t be afraid of him either,” Meat Loaf said.