In The Wake Of Covid-19 And George Floyd A Leading Celebrity Kid’s Entertainer Asks The Question That Every Parent Wants To Know

Amanda Frolich, the CEO of Amanda’s Action Club, children’s activity expert, celebrity entertainer, bestselling author and business entrepreneur has teamed up with artist, producer, writer and film maker Stevie Eagle E to release a brand new thought-provoking single, When I Grow UP.


Amanda Frolich one of the worlds leading child entertainers and educators has teamed up again with producer and artist Stevie Eagle E to release a timely and thought-provoking children’s song called ‘When I Grow Up’. The single ‘When I Grow Up’ will be released 8th June 2020 and the video on 30th May 2020.

When I Grow Up asks the question that must surely be on the minds of any parent at this point in time no matter where they are in the world.  When our children grow up, what type of world will they be living in?  Some would argue that amongst the Black population this question has been at the forefront of their minds for hundreds of years as they battle discrimination, lack of opportunity, racism and worse globally.  However, now added to the heavy load people of colour have to bear on a day by day basis are covid-19, isolation and a changing world landscape that seems to almost outlaw human contact as we know it.

The song’s message is simple and strong, and the music is catchy and with an R&B/Reggae vibe, but it’s the video that brings it to life even more.  The song was not written recently either.  It was taken from the no.1 selling kids album on Amazon Big Songs For Little Ones and Grown Ups too.  An album that boldly fused children’s nursery rhymes, original songs with adult music and production a long time before Baby Shark hit the airwaves.  The song also references  ‘Ring Around The Roses’ the famous kids nursery rhyme connected to the Bubonic Plague that killed millions of people in Europe in 1331.  That plague labelled ‘The Black Death’ lasted over 20 years and devastated the world, but it seems Covid-19 has changed the entire world already leaving parents staring into an uncertain future.  The timing for When I Grow Up could not be more poignant and relevant.  We just do not know what the future holds anymore, and with the murder of George Floyd sparking outrage globally, the future is even more uncertain.

When I Grow up a new song from Eagle E and Amanda Frolich

Amanda Frolich is a celebrity entertainer having worked for Brad Pitt, the Beckhams, and many household names around the world. She is also the creator and owner of Amanda’s Action Club. She teaches and entertains children and their parents worldwide,
focusing on physical activity, health and wellness. Amanda is also a bestselling author with her new book ‘The Law of Brand Attraction’ recently topping the
business bestseller list in six countries across the globe.

Stephen F Ellis Aka Stevie Eagle E is a chart-topping producer, artist and an award-winning filmmaker and Grammy-nominated video producer who has worked with many of the biggest names in entertainment for over 30 years, working with the likes of the Jacksons to Peter Andre, Honeyz, Boy George, Dennis Brown and, Hawk Wolinski of Chaka Khan, Trevor
Horn, Ms Dynamite, Mark Morrison and hundreds of others.

The song starts off with the words ‘When I Grow Up, What’s going to be left for me?’  We asked both Amanda Frolich and Stevie Eagle E about their feelings and expectations for the song ‘When I Grow Up’.

Stevie Eagle E told us:

‘I wrote this song because like every parent I am concerned and worried about what will be left for our children and that was several years ago.  If I was concerned then, I am seriously worried now. I created the video this way because I not only want to entertain, but force people to re-think and act now so we can secure a better future for our children.  I wanted them to think from a kids perspective looking at the world.  Children can be somewhat bulletproof in times like these, just carrying on as though nothing is really happening however, I have noticed with my own kids they are truly scared right now and they don’t know what’s going from the point of view of both George Floyd and coronavirus. Right now what future is there for most kids let alone for black kids Unless something is done?’

In a brief conversation with Amanda Frolich she said:

‘My aim has always been to help children stay fit and learn, but now I have a bigger purpose in life and that is to get people thinking about the future of our children.  What we are seeing now is shocking, really shocking. ‘When I grow up’ asks a question I feel our leaders need to answer and more than that, it’s something each one of us needs to consider because at present, I fear many children face an uncertain future.’

We feel this is a song every parent should hear, and a video every parent should watch.  It is that important, and we feel this is something they should watch with their children and answer any questions they may have.  What do you think?  You can watch the video using the links below.  The song will also be available on Itunes, Spotify and all major online stores from today.

Directors Cut
Very Kid friendly version
Parental Guidance version