How mainstream media and celebrities are being used to spread hatred against the unvaxxed

Right in front of our faces mainstream media and celebrities are spreading hatred and fear of the unvaxxed copying a very dangerous ploy used by totalitarion leaders and despots of the past to create divisions in their countries.


You may find it alarming and hard to believe, but your mainstream media channels, and news outlets are being used to foster hatred and fear of the unvaxxed.  It is being used to marginalise and separate one set of people from another and many just don’t see it happening because it is often subtle.  However, sometimes it is right in your face as Ben Shapiro exposes in our video.  The show is Jimmy Kimmel Live, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and if you watch for yourself you can see how the only outcome of his skit on this show is to foster hatred and fear of the unvaxxed and make people see them as a bunch on loonies.

From showing unvaxxed as stupid by taking horse medicine to portraying them as violent and crazy.  Jimmy Kimmel does not miss a trick in putting down and spreading hatred for a group of people he obviously does not like and all done with a smile on his face to millions of unsuspecting Americans.

The Oprah incident when she did not allow unvaxxed to attend an event she was holding is another example of how the media sometimes uses celebrities (unwittingly) to push their agenda home and separate people.  Celebrities are influential.  Any celebrity that supports the narrative is left alone, but those that don’t are hounded ‘out of town’ and often cancelled and silenced.

It’s very important that a balanced viewpoint is taken on issues in the public and all sides are allowed to speak freely and express themselves without being censored or made to look crazy and stupid, however, the mainstream media is not adopting this approach and so it remains up to us to be aware of the media programming forcing us to hate or misunderstand others who do not share the same viewpoint as us.

We invite you to watch this video and make your own mind up as to whether you feel this type of thing is spreading hate and mistrust in a very stressful and unprecedented time in our history.

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