Hip Hop Robin Hood Kaos MC lands in Europe

Brazilian Rapper Kaos MC known as the Hip hop Robin Hood touches down in Europe for a promotional tour.


Hip Hop Robin hood kaos Mc lands in Europe

The Brazilian rapper known as the Hip Hop Robin Hood ‘Kaos MC’ touched down in Europe on a promotional tour for the first time.  Kaos MC who recently rose into the public eye due to his debut single ‘What’s wrong’ featuring the legendary Tito Jackson, Internet Star Alex Boye and another Brazilian rapper Bull Dogg.  The track not only charted at 13 in the official Music Week commercial pop dance charts but also scored high in many other charts around the globe.

More importantly, Kaos used the track and exposure to throw light on his fight to improve the lives of those he lives within the Favela.  Kaos and his ‘Band of merry men (and women)’ known as the Lokos Da Favela use music and hip hop to feed, clothe and teach the favela community, hence his nickname ‘Hip Hop Robin Hood’.

Kaos Mc is now in Europe with his producer Peter Doc B and there is some speculation as to what he is going to be doing while he is there.  When we reached out to his record company Shlepp Entertainment Ltd they told us this was a promotional tour and we should await an official press release in the next week or so.

At Globalnewsink, we are excited at the prospect that Kaos Mc may well be performing live or bringing his music and movement into Europe and we shall make sure you will know first if this is going to happen.


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