Hillary Clinton: ‘Double Down On The Pressure’ On Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) welcomes US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Russia's far eastern port city Vladivostok on September 8, 2012. Australian AFP PHOTO / POOL (Photo credit should read MIKHAIL METZEL/AFP/GettyImages)

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the job that President Biden has done in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine while asserting that there is more than the U.S. should be doing to make a difference in the region.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Clinton said that the U.S. is “looking at this with our eyes wide open,” and seeing the threat that Russian President Vladimir Putin poses not just to Ukraine but to “Europe, to democracy, and to global stability.” Still, she claimed that the sanctions imposed and assistance given to Ukraine so far are not enough.

“We have to double down. There is more that can be done to increase pressure and stress: additional sanctions, more in the way of lethal aid, and now that there has been a pushback thanks to the brave Ukrainian military offensive action, there is time to resupply the Ukrainians so they can continue to defend their country,” Clinton said.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate added that she would not allow Russia to rejoin international organizations and that the Kremlin should be boycotted if they try.

So far, the Biden administration has imposed a number of sanctions against Russia aimed at isolating and crippling its economy. Still, Clinton says they can do more.

“The only way that we’re going to end the bloodshed and terror that we’re seeing unleashed in Ukraine and protect Europe and democracy is to do everything we can to impose even greater costs on Putin. There are more banks that can be sanctioned and taken out of the so-called SWIFT relationship. There is an increasing call for doing more on gas and oil.”

Clinton noted that European allies are trying to get out from under their reliance on Russian energy saying that “we need to expedite” this.

Despite pointing out what Biden can do better, Clinton stated that Biden’s response to Ukraine “has been excellent.” She cited “releasing classified intelligence to prevent the false-flag kind of operations that Putin was counting on.”