Having Problems With Facebook? There Is A Better Alternative: Liker!


Are you tired of the drama of Facebook? Was your account deactivated by Facebook? Are you tired of the restrictions?

Good news! There is a site just for you that is BETTER than Facebook. Its name is Liker.com.

Liker focuses on engagement—Liker users are numerically ranked according to the likes they’ve accumulated, with top users receiving gold or silver “stars.”

On their Facebook page, it states “We are an innovative new social network that nurtures intelligence and kindness instead of hatred and division.
We are collectively manifesting a new social media experience rooted in love and truth.”

In the welcome video, Liker is described as a social network free of “meaningless nonsense,” specifically citing cat pictures as the kind of social media chum you won’t find on the site. Instead, the ideal Liker post is portrayed in the video as a cartoon of Trump with the caption “Impeachment is the only option,” posted by user “Danny Do-Gooder.”

Watch Video Here:

The best part of Liker is that you get to choose the category you would like your post to appear in. For example. If you have a song you would like to promote, you can post it in the music section, and be as specific as dance music. Or, if you can post in the LGBT section and be as specific as Transgender if you so choose.

Another good thing is that you can decide what you would like to see in your feed. For example, if you don’t want your blood pressure rising from Donald Trump, you can basically block anything Trump-related from your feed.

It is similar to Facebook in that there are groups, you can post videos (I haven’t had a problem with them taking it down), and yes. Cat pictures.

The best part. Because you get to be so precise regarding who you want to see your post, you won’t get a bunch of Trump Supporters seeing your new song who will have absolutely no interest in it. Unlike Facebook, they do not charge for this option.

Best yet. Is there a section that they do not have that you want? For example. I wanted a Royal Family section (there is none). I wrote them and within 15 minutes an actual human wrote me back! Unlike Facebook. YOU CAN TALK TO HUMANS ABOUT YOUR CONCERNS AND GET A RESPONSE!

I am sold on Liker. As a test, I put up a post.  Within 10 minutes I got 75 likes on it.  You can choose to be notified if somebody likes or comments on your post.

Liker does not have the drama and stress of Facebook. Since you can choose only to deal with like-minded people, you don’t have to, and remain stress-free!

Join Liker today at Liker.com. You won’t be disappointed.

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