Harvey Weinstein Gets Ashley Judd’s Sexual Harassment Claim Dismissed


A Court in California has dismissed a sexual harassment allegation filed by Ashley Judd against Harvey Weinstein.

US District Judge Gutierrez said in his ruling that Judd’s lawyers had “not adequately showed that her relationship with Defendant was covered by the statute.”

Gutierrez also ruled that Judd could continue with the defamation case she has filed. In it, she alleges Weinstein hindered her career after she turned down his sexual advances in the 90s.

The judge said that Judd did not prove a case for sexual harassment as defined by the civil code. He did say that the Court is not ruling on whether sexual harassment took place.

In 2018, the code was amended to include liaisons between producers and directors, but Judd filed before the change in the law.

Judd filed her suit against Weinstein in April. She claimed that Weinstein kept her from obtaining multiple movie roles including a part in “The Lord of the Rings.” She alleges Weinstein spoke with Peter Jackson, the director of the project, and told him he should not hire Judd for his movies. This ultimately halted the possibility for her to participate in the franchise and derailed her from obtaining work elsewhere. Weinstein denied the acquisitions.