Fully Vaccinated Queen Guitarist Brian May Tests Positive For COVID After Attending Birthday Party


Queen rocker Brian May said he feels “pretty good” after testing positive for COVID-19 last week.

The guitarist believes he contracted the virus at a birthday party the previous weekend and shared in a series of Instagram videos Saturday that he’s starting to feel better after two “horrendous” days.

“I’m feeling that my immune system, with the enormous help of three Pfizer jabs, is now winning the battle against the invader,” May wrote in an Instagram caption.

“So do NOT be afraid – there IS life after Covid! But DO be careful … you do not want this, and neither do your family.”

The 74-year-old musician said he and his wife, Anita, have been “incredibly careful” throughout the pandemic. They decided to go to a friend’s birthday lunch where May says all of the attendees had gotten their coronavirus vaccine booster and had tested negative for the virus.

“In retrospect, perhaps we made the wrong decision,” May said in one of the videos. “We could have seen him another time, but that’s history now.”

He and Anita both tested positive for the virus last Tuesday. Other attendees at the party have tested positive as well, May said.

The virus left May with a “mess in the head” and “all the flu symptoms,” he shared.

“All my love and gratitude to my amazing wife Anita – who was a warrior while I mainly slept through this – cooking up a storm and caretaking and holding everything together. Again,” May wrote. “Who could be as lucky as I ? Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful Christmas.”