Family Calls Out Investigation Of Daughter, Lauren Smith-Fields, Who Died A​​fter Meeting ‘Older White Man’ On Bumble


A Connecticut family is not pleased with how local authorities are handling the case of their daughter, Lauren Smith-Fields‘ (23), death.

Per a report earlier this month, Smith-Fields was allegedly found unresponsive in her apartment “and later died.” The cause of death is still unknown.

In a television appearance on News 12 Westchester on December 27, Lauren’s father, Everett, told local reporters the family, “without a doubt” knows their daughter did not use drugs.

Furthermore, Everett adds that he also “paid out of pocket” for a second autopsy because the family felt “uncomfortable” with how the investigation was being handled and that local police hadn’t been helpful.

Everett went on to add that the little interaction they had with local authorities was “insensitive” in nature. “The only contact that we have had was from a very insensitive, condescending, and arrogant detective,” he told reporters.

However, Everett is not the only one who suspects foul play. The rest of the family noted how she’d met an “older white man” on the Bumble app. Yet, when her brother, Lakeem Jetter, asked about him to the police, he tells local reporters they “made it seem like the guy was a nice guy” and “there was nothing to investigate.”

Along with the immediate family, local city council member, Maria Pereira, also shares criticism of the Bridgeport Police Department.

There are even inside reports from the City of Bridgeport who say how the case has been handled is being reviewed by the Command Staff of the Detective Bureau.

Details of the local police department’s alleged shortcomings have made their way to social media and the call for greater attention on the questions surrounding Smith-Fields’ death grows momentum.