European Artists EEDB Making Their Mark In Brazil With New Song

“I Lost my heart in Bahia”, Perdi um Amor na Bahia, has hit the airwaves in Bahia Brazil to great reviews. It follows on from 'Caliente Heat' from EEDB which sat at the top of several major radio station charts for several months.

EEDB (Eagle E and Doc B) are having success in Brazil

The music scene in Bahia gains a new flavour with the arrival on the airwaves of the song “I lost my heart in Bahia” (Perdi um Amor na Bahia), an already popular hit, composed and produced by the duo Peter Doc B and Stevie Eagle E. The long-standing partners come together to form the EEDB, acronyms of their names, Eagle E and Doc B, also featuring Bahian rapper, singer and songwriter Duendy Primeiro and Kaos MC who are already on the list of the most requested by listeners in Bahia, thanks to Caliente Heat from EEDB.

The music was born from conversations between Peter and Stevie, who combined their musical experiences and research to bring a fusion of Bahian music, and rap, funk with a strong dose of Reggaeton. Peter Doc B has worked with Mark Morrison, Sean Paul and currently produces the Bahians Kaos Mc and Duendy Primeiro as well as other Bahian artists; and Stevie Eagle E, also an English / Jamaican producer/singer and lyricist, has worked with Boy George, The Wailers, Soul 2 Soul and The Jacksons, among other international stars.

“I Lost My Heart In Bahia (Perdi um Amor na Bahia) is one of the tracks on the album that will be released in early 2021, and that brings with it many songs with a Bahian flavour. Purposely sung in English and Portuguese, the song tells a story that can happen to anyone, especially in Bahia. One day you meet someone very special, who can change your life and the other, for no reason, that person disappears in the same way that she appeared without a trace. Bahia is a place filled with music and passion and this song captures that mixture perfectly.

To tell this story, producers Peter Doc B and Stevie Eagle E rely on the mix of Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB and of course, Bahia percussion. “This mix, has everything to do with the cosmopolitan identity of Salvador, a land of musical people that has a natural manifestation in dance.

We spoke to Stevie Eagle E about the song and he told us:

‘When I wrote the song I wanted to capture the romance of Bahia and the Venus flytrap of Bahia at the same time.  I was just thinking of making a good solid love song with a little twist, something that anyone could sing along to.  Once we had it together we knew we had something.  In the studio, you kinda feel these things.  So we set about trying to get the artists together to make it work.  At one stage we even had Jlo ready to jump on the track, but that was when this crazy pandemic hit and everything went on hold. We considered other big Brazilian stars also but when Duendy came in and heard it and jumped on it we thought, yep, that will work.  Putting Kaos on the track was a no brainer for us.  Rap is not often heard on the radio in Brazil, it’s very difficult to get it aired, almost like the early days of rap in the US, so we knew we had to get the blend right and the arrangement right to give this a chance to work on the radio here.  In the end, I think we got it right,  Just like with ‘Caliente Heat‘ we were able to blend the flavour of Brazil both lyrically and musically with the flavour of the West.  Call us Master (musical) Chefs.’

The Music video

The music is further enhanced by the video, Produced by EEDB and Directed by Stevie Eagle E and featuring Bahian model and dancer Natalia Emanuelle who plays the female lead in “I Lost My Heart In Bahia (Perdi um Amor na Bahia), a mysterious woman who steals a man’s heart and magically disappears, leaving a broken heart.

Stephen F Ellis and Peter Herbert Bielig – EEDB, have been together for many years and during that time have had several successes on various charts around the world, including the United Kingdom, America and Germany and other countries. They produced, wrote and performed with some of the biggest stars in the world, including some here in Brazil.  Their partnership produces a unique sound and flavour that is now getting them noticed here in Brazil and beyond.

Peter Bielig known as Doc B is based in Salvador for 8 years now and he has been producing and working with Bahian and Brazilian artists, such as Deny Denan and Edu Casanova. In addition to encouraging new talents in the Itinga community, where he chose to live, he offers technical training to children and young people, nurturing talent and guiding them towards a better future.  His partner Stephen Ellis, better known as Eagle E or Stevie Eagle E joined him to work with Edu Casanova in collaboration with a Chinese star on his label Shlepp Entertainment. From then on, the Eagles’ love affair with Bahia began and after many comings and goings to Salvador, he decided to live in Itinga as well and invest in the talent here.  Together they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to the artist and music scene here as well as a different musical flavour which has now caught the attention of the Bahian and Brazilian public.

EEDB with their artists

The duo is responsible for boosting the international career of Kaos MC by joining him with some of the biggest musical names in the world like The Jacksons. Now they are developing one of Itinga’s best singers, rappers and composers in Duendy Primeiro. All of this is being done through Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, the label and promotion company that manages all the talent here, as well as EEDB and other artists around the world. Shlepp Entertainment is owned and managed by Eagle E in association with Doc B, who does the majority of productions for artists here in Brazil. The two work together on the music, promotions, management and videos for all their artists.  Putting Bahian artists and talents on the global map and merging Bahian music in a new and exciting way is what they are attempting and achieving. In addition to Kaos MC and Duendy Primeiro, EEDB also produces and works with artists such as Bull Dogg and Kekedy in Brazil.

Previous songs produced in Brazil by the Duo include:

Caliente Heat ’, EEDB – featuring Duendy Primeiro
‘Vem Pra Baile’ EEDB – featuring Kaos MC and Duendy Primeiro
“Isolation” EEDB
“What it takes EEDB – featuring BW Kane (From USA) and Kekedy (from Brazil)
“Drop it and give me 20” EEDB featuring. Kaos MC and Mr. Jack
“Make it rain” EEDB – featuring The Flirtations, Kaos MC and Bull Dogg
“Desapego” Kaos MC feat. Funk Buia
“Sem resistência” Kaos MC feat. Mr. Jack is Bull Dogg
“What’s wrong” Kaos MC feat. Tito Jackson, Alex Boye and Bull Dog
“Baile Black” Kaos MC feat. Bull Dogg is Mr. Jack

All of these have clips on the Shlepp TV  YouTube channel.

Social responsability

EEDB launched an NGO, the ‘UPMI Steam Learning Center’, with the aim of creating special schools in the favela to help children get more education using innovative STEM teaching techniques. For this, they promote special events where they feed and give gifts to children and the needy twice a year in the favela of Itinga, working closely with Kaos MC and the Lokos Da Favela Familia.

Models Shlepp Models Brazil

Modelling agency created by the duo which focuses on women of colour from the favelas, in order to bring the beauty and unique qualities of Bahians to the world. EEDB feature and use their models in their videos and promotions giving them work and helping them to get seen on the international stage. is growing rapidly and gaining an international reputation.

So as EEDB continue to rise in Brazil they are bringing the locals with them, helping the favela and building a unique stable of audio and visual talent which is now starting to turn heads.

Music: “I lost my heart in Bahia” (“Perdi um Amor na Bahia”)
Production: Peter Doc B and Stevie Eagle E (EEDB)
Lyrics: Stephen F Ellis, Peter Herbert Bielig and Duendy First, Kaos MC
Label: Shlepp Entertainment Ltd / Shlepp Records
Music release date: November 16, 2020
Clip release date: October 18, 2020
Video clip:
Management and information: