Dr. Anthony Fauci Will Be Retiring At The End Of Joe Biden’s First Term


Dr. Anthony Fauci says he plans on retiring by the end of Joe Biden’s first term in the White House.

In an interview with Politico, Fauci stated that he expects Americans to live with COVID for many years.

“We’re in a pattern now,” Fauci, 81, said. “If somebody says, ‘You’ll leave when we don’t have COVID anymore,’ then I will be 105. I think we’re going to be living with this.”

Fauci also spoke of the possibility of attacks on the public-health measures he has advocated throughout the pandemic if Republicans take control of the House or Senate.

“They’re going to try and come after me, anyway. I mean, probably less so if I’m not in the job,” he said. “I don’t make that a consideration in my career decision.”

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