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Get To Know Larry Peace – Exclusive Q & A

Q:  How did you get started in the music business? A:  I started out as a mobile DJ in my teens playing for weddings, school dances, and corporate events. I’ve always wanted to create my own music as well, so I eventually taught myself how to produce music. Q:  Did your parents encourage you or […]

Get To Know DJ Mashdup – An Exclusive Q & A

Dj Mashdup‘s first record release ‘Jus the Groove’ Musicology mix was in 2014 on Biggroove Records. Specializing mainly in House Music. He has also presented shows for party vibe radio and Tranzsista Radio. His music has been played on DJ sets by the likes of Boy George and David Guetta‘s vocalist Tara McDonald. Although making […]

Get To Know Jay Cee – Exclusive Q&A

 Jay Cee started his Electronic music career in 2011. Specializing in Electronic Synth Pop and cross genre’s his music has already had BBC Radio airplay.   Jay Cee has a new song out now entitled ‘Clockwork’ on Sobel Nation Records.  ‘Clockwork’ is about the joys of Insomnia where your mind races, turns and plays ‘Catch Me […]

King Zwelithini hosts Diwali celebrations

King Zwelithini unites cultures as he hosts Diwali celebrations in South Africa

King Zwelithini has called on the nation to unite and accept cultures of different racial groups.

Opera Star Robert Magyar brought the house down with his rendition of MY WAY the Frank Sinatra classic at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase event produced by Shlepp Entertainment in Birmingham.

Opera Star Robert Magyar brings the house down at his first UK event [video]

When you have sung with the likes of Plácido Domingo and Pavarotti you are perhaps used to ovations and accolades, but when you are an opera singer, singing a song from ‘Old blue eyes’ at an event filled with people half your age into trap music, you would be forgiven for thinking that you may not be the highlight of the evening, wrong!

Robert Magyar who has been singing at the highest level  from his days at school, starting at The internationally acknowledged choir of Tóth Lajos Általános Iskola in primary school and going on to perform with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo, Yevgeny Nesterenko, Elena Obraztsova, Éva Marton did not expect his music to have such an impact at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase, his first UK performance.

No.1 Selling Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen

No.1 selling Norwegian star Beate Jacobsen is back after almost quitting the business

No.1 selling Norwegian star Beate Jacobsen has come a long way since her no.1 hit Strand Hotel.  The journey has been one of awakening and change.  A Journey that as she puts almost led her to quit the industry altogether.  Now though, she is back and with a new sound and new energy for creating even more great music.  Beate Jacobsen flew into London to perform live for the first time in a while at the G Salvatore fashion showcase in Birmingham at the M-Club. 

Hungarian star Marcellina hits Birmingham UK for the exclusive G Salvatore Fashion showcase

From Las Vegas to China Hungarian Star Marcellina is on a mission as she touches down in the UK for exclusive event.

Hungarian star Marcellina flew in and rocked the house at the G Salvatore fashion showcase in Birmingham at the M-Club.  When you look at the profile and career of this amazing lady you soon realize she is a European powerhouse commanding huge areas, TV, and radio constantly.  So what brought this Hungarian icon to Birmingham to perform at the M-Club?