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Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment join with Tri-Us Global Media to produce 4 Major films

Shlepp Entertainment Supremo Stevie Eagle E AKA Stephen Ellis has announced that Shlepp Entertainment Ltd (his company) will be collaborating with James With of Tri-Us Global Media on at least 4 full length feature films over the next several years

Chinese star Ayi Jihu joins American celebrities in fighting growing campus rape problem

Chinese star Ayi Jihu joins American celebrities in fighting growing campus rape problem

Chinese crossover R&B star Ayi Jihu who is also Goodwill ambassador for SISHA anti-human trafficking and slavery organization. Has now joined up with the Friends of Justice and Not Our Bodies Documentary producers David Person and Ms N W Tibbs to present SILENCE HURTS EVERYONE a program that will focus attention on the growing problem […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu makes a splash at the premiere of her first film

A little bit of history as Chinese star Ayi Jihu sees first film hit the big screen.

This was not your West End huge blockbuster movie premiere. Rather a more modest affair in South East London at a Boutique art house cinema in Bermondsey Square. However the significance of the event was not lost on many who packed into Shortwave Cinema for the London Independent Film Festival screening of ‘I believe in […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu heading back to Asia for special show

Chinese star Ayi Jihu will head back to Macau, China for the first time in several years for a special performance. Ayi kicked of her career in Macau and quickly rose to fame in the Vegas of the East. Now after many years globetrotting around the world the girl they call the Chinese Madonna and […]

Is Ayi Jihu’s Fearchaser™ film the next big thing?

Ever since Fearchaser hit the scene in 2009/2010 it sparked a lot of interest worldwide. So much so it was turned into an online game on Adventure Quest Worlds and 25 million out of 100 million subcribers worldwide played and enjoyed the game. The idea of a superhero who can see and fight your […]

Chinese star Ayi Jihu says she would not allow any man to kick her without kicking them first

50 cents would not kick me because I would kick him first Ayi Jihu

Chinese independent crossover star Ayi Jihu has come out all guns blazing about the 50 cent ‘kicking his ex girlfriend’ story. Surprisingly though she has not come down on 50 cents.  Instead Ayi Jihu has come out against what she calls the culture of passive women in the media and news.  In her own words […]

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models the Angela Demontigny Young Native™ look styled like Tonto from Lone Ranger 2013

Lone Ranger native designer Angela Demontigny stands alone crossing over her Young Native™ Fashion line with some controversy

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu models Native Designer Angela DeMontigny’s new Young Native style look Young Native Fashion™ takes Native Fashion mainstream Just as Johnny Depp has experienced criticism for the role of Tonto in the new Lone Ranger film so has Native Designer Angela DeMontigny been put under the hammer for certain aspects of her […]