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Who Will Play The Lead In Marvel’s First Asian Superhero Movie?

Photo: Marvel, AMC, Golden Village   Are you ready for another Marvel Superhero Movie?  Chinese Shang-chi, also known as the master of Kung Fu will be coming to a theater near you! The 1970’s comic series was modeled after Bruce Lee. Unlike other superheroes, Shang-chi does not have superpowers.  He uses Kung Fu to stop […]

Dream Of A White Christmas With Steve Etherington From The Rubettes

White Christmas was written in 1942 by Irving Berlin. The original version sung by Bing Crosby is the world’s best-selling single with estimated sales in excess of 100 million copies worldwide. Steve Etherington of The Rubettes updates the song for 2018 with his signature vocals. Like the original, Steve’s version is sure to become a […]

The Voice’s Casey Desmond Gets Ready For Christmas

  Sobel Nation Records welcomes Casey Desmond, Finalist for The Voice to the label. Her first song with Sobel Nation Records is a Christmas Classic “Little Drummer Boy.” The song is personal for Casey which she produced as a homage to father Des, of The Bentmen who covered it when she was a tiny child. […]

Eden Roc in Miami to implement changes after African Celebrity Soleil NgoNga suffers theft on Nearby beach

Eden Roc resort in Miami to implement changes after African celebrity Soleil NgoNga suffers theft on a nearby beach.

African celebrity, gospel singer and Philanthropist Soleil NgoNga returned to London after her well-deserved break at the luxury Eden Roc resort in Miami was ruined when all of her personal belongings were stolen on the beach.  Soleil NgoNga who flew back to London to take part in the Birthday celebrations of Congo singing star Heritier Watanabe Said she was devastated as so many personal and valuable items were lost in one go.  However, the star of ‘A little Ray of Sunshine’ TV show said that she would use the experience to make her stronger and wiser.

Congolese star Soleil NgoNga

African star Soleil NgoNga says her new reality show is not following the Kardashians in style or content.

Reality TV seems to have taken over our airwaves these days.  The moment you look around it seems a new reality TV show is about to be launched somewhere.  So why should we pay attention to African Star Soleil NgoNga when she tells us she is about to launch her own reality TV show ‘A little ray of sunshine’, and what can we expect from this beautiful and talented African socialite that we have not already seen in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’?