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Word Champion Tyler Ford and Award winning prodigy Phoebe Austin to join forces

Forget Brangelina, Posh and Becks as kid stars Tyler Ford and Phoebe Austin get together.

10-year-old martial arts champion Tyler Ford and 13-year-old singing and songwriting prodigy Phoebe Austin are getting together are joining forces!  Perhaps the two most talked about youngsters in the UK right now Phoebe Austin and Tyler Ford are both Child powerhouses in their own rights.  teaming up with a combined age of 23 they will create the youngest power duo the UK has ever seen.

The Greatest of all time - Muhammad Ali

We always knew we were cool, but Muhammed Ali made the whole world see it and he showed us how to use it.

The greatest of all time has passed, and it would be easy to just join the hundreds of celebrities, politicians and public figures eulogising about Muhammad Ali, but I won’t I want to give you my own personal take on what this man did, and meant to US ad by us I mean Black Men and Women, but more so the Black Man. We always had a strong sense of who we were and how cool we were, but we were never able to truly display it to the world until Muhammad Ali gave us the ticket, the strength and the know how to do so.

Stephan Dante to headline at Let battle commence world title event in London

Rising UK singer Stephan Dante to perform at world Title fight event in London on Dec 6 2015

Rising Uk singer and Song writer Stephan Dante also dubbed the UK’s Missy Elliot is set to perform her viral single ‘Nails Did’ at the World title event Let battle commence on Dec 6 2015.