Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect, Frank James, In NYPD Custody


The madman who opened fire on a Brooklyn subway car and left 29 injured, 10 of them shot has been taken into custody, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Frank James, 62, was named by cops as the sole person of interest after a man in a gas mask, helmet, and neon construction vest threw two smoke grenades and opened fire on straphangers while riding the Manhattan-bound N train just before 8:30 a.m.

James rented a U-Haul van linked to the attack, authorities said during a news conference on Tuesday.

The suspect had posted several rambling conspiracy-laden YouTube videos, railing against the city’s mental health services, complaining about race issues, and speaking violently against people he believes wronged him.

He railed against Mayor Eric Adams in one of his rants, where he claims a race war will follow the Ukraine conflict.

“It’s just a matter of time before these white motherf—kers decide, ‘Hey listen, enough is enough, these n—rs got to go,” he says.

“And what are you going to do? You gonna fight. And guess what you gonna die. Cause unlike President [Volodymyr Zelensky] over in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The whole world is against you. And you’re against your f—king self, so why should you be alive again is the f—king question. Why should a n—r be alive on this planet, besides to pick cotton or chop sugar cane or tobacco.”

In another video, he tells a rival from his youth “I need to see you bleed” and vows to “watch him die like a rat.”

He suggests the Ukraine war could be a false flag to set off “population control” and said he believes a racial war could follow a nuclear war.

“And these motherf–kers have made us all death. We all are death and somebody got to go, bitch and that’s gonna be you,” he says in one of the videos.

He says black people have been “domesticated” and conform to white people’s standards, but notes many people of color “can’t see it”

“Which says you want to die and you should be f—king dead because you can’t see it, you don’t f—king understand it and ain’t trying to understand s—it,” he says.

Ten victims were wounded by gunfire in Tuesday’s subway attack, including a pregnant woman who was shot in the leg, according to law enforcement. At least 19 other people were injured in the incident, while others suffered from smoke inhalation.

The gunman’s 9mm semiautomatic Glock jammed in the middle which may have prevented further carnage, law enforcement officials said. It wasn’t clear how the gunman made his getaway from the scene, but police were investigating whether he mixed in with a wave of commuters as they transferred to the R train.

Amateur footage showed people running screaming and in terror as the doors on the train opened as it pulled into the 36th Street Station in Sunset Park.

A key to the U-Haul was found at the scene of the shooting, sources said. A credit card found at the scene was linked to James and showed charges for a gas mask, smoke bombs, and the van rented in Philadelphia, law enforcement sources said.

Police believe he was living in the van, the sources added.