British Stars to go ahead with special show for NHS while some family members have Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus sweeps the UK musical stars Toyin Adekale, Noel Mckoy and Leee John are banding together to find ways to support the countries under pressure NHS system even though some of them have close family members in hospital from Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a world problem, no longer can people in the privileged West point their finger and say ‘It’s over there’.  Coronavirus is here and it’s hitting everyone everywhere without exception.  As the virus sweeps across the UK and the Government prepares with measures never before seen in peacetime the UK musical community as with the global music community has been decimated.  Despite this artists are still doing all they can to help however they can including stars like Toyin Adekale, Noel Mckoy and Leee John who are directly affected by Coronavirus.

On April the 5th 2020  these three UK stars will come together (separately) in an effort to raise money for the NHS .  Leee John of Imagination, Toyin Adekale and Noel Mckoy will come together for Shlepp TV’s Love Hope and Reflection TV show which is aimed at raising funds for the NHS.

The event was planned to take place at Shlepp Studios before the lockdown was announced.   So Shlepp TV had to change its plans and have the artist perform separately from home on the same night.

Head of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Shlepp TV Stevie Eagle E told us:

Head of Shlepp Entertainment Stevie Eagle E

“We wanted to something special, not just do anything.  So I reached out to artist I felt would have that connection with the people and not who could just raise funds for the NHS but reach people.  Artist like Leee John have a broad fanbase and he already does so much charity work.  Toyin Adekale travels the world healing and helping with her music she is also directly affected by all of this as her mum is in hospital with Coronavirus and Noel Mckoy represents many in our community crossing over with his music to reach millions.  We felt this was a good place to start and hopefully if we are successful we will continue.  Our aim is to raise as much as we can for the Royal Free hospital and the NHS.”

International star Leee John of imagination (who has pledged to give all his proceeds to the NHS) on the phone and he told us:

International star Leee John of imagination

“It is my great privilege to be able to help raise funds for the NHS.  As there are so many people who are suffering at this period in time.  I hope through my music and performance that I can helpsomeone with my contribution.  The one thing we as people can always come back to is music.  It breaks down all the walls, barriers and unites us as one.  It is a great healer.  Peace love and light.”

Gospel Star Toyin Adekale told Global News Ink:

Toyin Adekale to perform at Shlepp TV show for Coronavirus despite her mum being sick in hospital

“These are challenging times. Right now my own mother is challenged with this in hospital and the family are isolated and cannot even be beside her.  To say we are all distraught is an understatement.  Times like this we cannot get through alone.  We must come together to navigate this global pandemic.  The music and this event is a way for me to find some sort of focus and healing without going crazy.  What I do in music today is so much more than before, and this cause brings to fruition my continued purpose to bring hope, reflection and love in these challenging times. I hope to bring some light entertainment, a trip down memory lane and I am open to your questions. Isolation doesn’t mean we can’t get up close and personal. Look forward to sharing with you, on April 5th.”

Platinum recording artist Noel Mckoy told us:

Platinum recording artist Noel Mckoy to perform on Shlepp TV love hope and reflection show for NHS

“The Pandemic has made me realise even more how great our creator is.  I have noticed the sun has shone everyday.  We need to remember who runs this world. I give thanks for my blessings and I want to give back.  This is a good way to do it.”

The event is live on Sunday the 5th of April at 7pm on Shlepp TV

For full information about the event to also donate visit

The event will raise money for the Royal Free Hospital in London and the NHS.

Donate direct to the Royal Free Hospital here

You will need to donate here to watch the event.

Artists like Leee John, Toyin Adekale and Noel Mckoy are setting an example for us all. Even while we ourselves may suffer we can still give and contribute.