An Indiana School Appears To Be Allowing Parents To Exempt Their Children From Black History Month Lessons


An elementary school in Indiana has sparked a backlash after sending out a letter allowing parents to opt their children out of learning about “equity, caring and understanding differences” during Black History Month.

Parents of children attending Sprunica Elementary School in Nineveh were informed about the lessons taking place between February 14 and 25 in a letter, according to a photo shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

“February is a time for caring and growing for our students. In honor of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, I will be coming around and teaching lessons related to equity, caring, and understanding differences,” the letter, signed by school counselor Benjamin White, said.

It added that studies show that students “who have a greater understanding of diversity in the classroom and outside world will demonstrate improved learning outcomes such as improved grades, better peer relationships, and greater career success later on. These lessons can provide a great impact on students and help facilitate a better learning environment for all.