Africa is burning more than the Amazon!

There are more fires blazing in Africa than in Brazil as the world focuses attention on Brazil the true issue is global warming.

More fires blazing in Africa than in Brazil

Africa is on fire!  Right now in Africa fires are blazing out of control.  In Angola and DRC thousands of fires are burning out of control.  The facts are that Brazil is only 3rd in the world over the last 48 hours in wildfires.

The weather source has recorded 6, 902 fires in Angola over the last 48 hours compared to almost 4,000 fires in the DRC.  There are just under 3,000 fires burning in Brazil right now.

This world belongs to all of us, so fires like this, no matter where they are, concern us all.  Global warming is the real issue and this is not something that is focused purely on Brazil or Africa, but everywhere.  We have seen record temperatures in Europe.  Things have changed so much that we have been warned to change our way of lives and expect a much hotter Europe from now on.

Farmers in Africa Struggle to save their crops

For those living in cities like London or New York, it may be hard to see how all of this affects you.  It is easy to just drop your jaw, and then take another selfie and get on with your life because you cannot truly see how these events affect your everyday life.  The truth is that Brazil, Africa and other forests in South America soak up Billions of tons of CO2 emissions every year.  They provide oxygen for the planet as well as holding so many valuable plants and resources, many we have no idea what they are yet.  The knock-on effect from these fires will be felt globally by all humankind.

Brazilian rapper kaos Mc Speaks out about the Amazon

Many artists have tweeted about the fires in Brazil.  Brazilian rapper and artist Kaos Mc recently released a statement and video part of the Mahdah Urf movement speaking about the fires in Brazil and how they are affecting the world. The Mahdah Urf (Earth Song Revival) saw a group of Reggae artists joined by celebrities and singers from around the world including Kaos Mc bring back to life the legacy of Michael Jacksons Earth Song. You can watch the video produced by Stevie Eagle E here. However, there is still a distinct lack of black celebrities speaking about what is going on in Africa, and this needs to change.  We at Global News ink challenge all public figures of colour to make their voices heard over global warming, climate change and the fires in Africa as well as Brazil.

The environment is perhaps the most important issue facing mankind at this time, so it is up to us to make a difference.  All of us can do something.  We can change the way we are living and we can lobby and speak out to our leaders.  Doing nothing is not an option.

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