China’s Most Famous Celebrity Dog Has Been Cloned for $55,000 (5)

Juice – or Guozhi in Mandarin – who is regarded as one of the most famous dogs in showbusiness after starring in several movies and television productions, was just cloned by his owner.

Beijing-based animal trainer, and Juice’s owner, He Jun, wanted his dog to live on despite its growing age. He found the solution to this problem was to clone the mutt with the help of Sinogene, China’s first-ever biotech company, according to Reuters.

Sinogene, just a month after its massive success in cloning a beagle last May, started offering a commercial cloning service that costs at least 380,000 yuan ($55,098).

The Chinese company was able to clone Juice successfully by taking skin samples from the dog’s lower abdomen. Weeks after the procedure, Sinogene was able to isolate Juice’s DNA and fertilize an egg that was later injected into a surrogate female dog.

Then, in mid-September, “Little Juice” (Zhizhi in Chinese) was born. The puppy stayed with the surrogate mother for about a month before it was given to He and Juice.

Sinogene’s CEO, Mi Jidong, told the media that the company has plans to expand its services to gene editing while admitting that the cloning business is still in its initial stages.


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