Columbus Zoo Wants You To Help Name New Baby Elephant (5)

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium need your help to name the baby elephant who was born Dec. 6.

The calf was born to mother Phoebe, an Asian elephant. The calf is the first elephant born at the Columbus Zoo in almost 10 years and the first to be born at the Zoo as a result of artificial insemination.

Zoo officials want you to cast your vote on the calf’s name. The list of names was selected by a longtime supporter of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with input from the Zoo’s animal care team.

The top four names to pick from are Darcy, Lizzie, Ellie and Kobie.

To vote, visit the zoo website here:

Voting closes on Jan. 3, 2019, and we will reveal the winning name on Friday, Jan. 4! #NameTheElephant

Each name honors the memory of Kathryn Elisabeth Anderson Koblentz and was hand-picked by her husband, Bob Koblentz, and their children, Maureen Koblentz Groves and Rob Koblentz.

The Columbus Zoo and all of the animals (especially the elephants) held a special place in Kathy’s heart, and Kathy was very important to the Zoo team as well, zoo officials said in a statement on Facebook.




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