The most talked about 13-year-old in England – Phoebe Austin

At a time when most 13-year-olds are making the news in England for self-harming, bullying and violence one 13-year-old (Phoebe Austin) has been making the news and become the most talked about 13-year-old in England for all the right reasons.

Phoebe Austin has been on the radar in Sudbury ever since she was a 7 year old and picked up the guitar and started singing.  Instantly winning local awards and becoming a regular at any open mic event that was available in her area.   Her rise to becoming a 13-year-old artist and singing prodigy that has got the whole of England buzzing, therefore, has not been a quick one given the time she started.  It is however still inspiring.  Talent is one thing, but apply hard work, dedication, and focus to it and you have something really special.  Finding these attributes in young kids is almost impossible, and finding them in young kids who are not constantly pushed by their parents, well that is almost unheard of!  Phoebe Austin is one of those special kids who found her mojo very young and needed no pushing to dedicate her entire life to it from then on.

Phoebe Austin hits the headlines when she signed to Shlepp Entertainment

Phoebe Austin hits the headlines when she signed to Shlepp Entertainment

It was only a matter of time before someone realized the potential in Phoebe Austin and that time came when she was signed to Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment, the global entertainment and record company that has spawned global phenomenon’s like Ayi Jihu and created history in the music industry and beyond.  Within a few months of signing Phoebe Austin hit the headlines and has rarely been out of it.  She has sparked a huge interest in her generation whom she represents as well as the parents of those she represents because Phoebe Austin stands for all the right things.

TV, News, and social media frenzy have followed and Phoebe Austin is growing, and growing quickly becoming the most talked about 13-year-old in England, all of this without huge social media numbers or hype.  Phoebe is 13 but she is ‘Old skool’  she hardly uses social media, simply because she spends her time writing, creating, learning and fine-tuning her craft.  Her buzz is all the more real because it is being passed mouth to mouth, street to street.  As Phoebe reaches millions on TV and radio and through social media she remains as focused as she has been since she was 7 years of age.  Phoebe is all about the music.

Phoebe Austin reached millions through the news and sparked an avalanche of interest around the UK

Phoebe Austin reached millions through the news and sparked an avalanche of interest around the UK – Click to watch Phoebe on the BBC

Dubbed the ‘Sudbury Diva’ simply because like all Diva’s Phoebe Austin knows exactly what she wants and what she is trying to achieve.  Her love is to create and perform her music and use that music to help people understand one another and communicate better.  Especially young kids like herself and their parents.  Too many parents just don’t know what is truly going on in the minds of their kids.

Phoebe Austin’s impact is not going unnoticed around the world either.  Phoebe Austin has hit the news globally with articles in the news in the USA and now a Chicago based news school that specializes in finding and training young journalists has taken a special interest in the Phoebe Austin story with several of their students wishing to follow and document the story of the girl from Sudbury in Suffolk.  These are kids from the harsh downtown streets of Chicago who have found something in common with a kid from the leafy quiet county of Suffolk through Phoebe Austin. Phoebe Austin’s message and allure is not English, it is global.  This is something you can almost guarantee simply because of her connection with Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment, they specialize in global even if it seems at first that it is local, regional or National, the Shlepp Entertainment and Stevie Eagle E agenda is always global.

Phoebe Austin is destined to go a long way.  No one can say where her journey will take her but everyone has great expectations for Phoebe Austin.  Right now Phoebe is back at school with millions of other kids around the UK but despite being the most talked about 13 year old in England we can be sure of one thing:  Phoebe Austin will be the same kid she was at 7 years of old, focused, dedicated and committed to her music and craft.

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