Autistic Prince Bayo overcomes his fears to shine at G Salvatore Fashion event

Autistic Royal Prince Bayo shines at G Salvatore Fashion showcase event

Autistic Royal Prince Bayo shines at G Salvatore Fashion showcase event

Anyone who has had to stand on a stage and perform can testify to how nerve racking this experience can be at the best of times.  This experience has been known to break many a person.  So you can imagine how much harder it must be for an autistic person who has a difficulty dealing with large numbers of people in everyday life.  Prince Bayo known as the ‘autistic Prince’ has to deal with Autism and ADHD.  He has been battling with this his entire life and when he has to perform or be around crowds his anxiety levels can go over the top.  As he puts it.  ‘It takes only one thing to not go according to the plan in my head and I am all over the place.’

Despite this, he continually rises to the challenges and overcomes them as he did at the exclusive G Salvatore Fashion showcase event at the M-Club in Birmingham.  Performing alongside great artist like No.1 selling singer and Songwriter Beate Jacobsen, Hungarian star Marcellina, Award-winning singer and songwriter Stephan Dante as well as Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera, MC Kie, Rober Magyar and the legendary Tubsy Dholki Walla is daunting enough.  Add autism and ADHD to the mix and all they bring and you begin to understand just how amazing a performer Prince Bayo is.  Every day that he steps out of his home he has to deal with a whole lot more than the rest of us.

Prince Bayo royal roots are from the Royal house of Lagos in Nigeria and the Clan Macmillan in Scotland

Prince Bayo royal roots are from the Royal house of Lagos in Nigeria and the Clan Macmillan in Scotland

A true royal hailing from the Royal house of Lagos, Offa in Africa and the Clan Mcmillan in Scotland Prince bayo has the freedom of the city of London and is connected to the most powerful families in the world.  Representing several Charities around the world his passion for music and writing help him to deal with his autism and ADHD.

I get on well with people once they get past my sometimes weird ways, but in general, I do struggle to connect with people.  When I go out and I am around a lot of people I have to count how many people are in the room, I need to know exactly how many men or women are around me.  It is things like this that I find it hard to control and so often I tend to withdraw into myself and seem distant.  This is not the case I am just fighting hard to control everything that is going on in my head.  I was late getting to the G Salvatore Fashion showcase and that threw me right off.  I spoke to Stevie Eagle E about it and he told me I would be fine, that I should just relax and do what I do, so I did and the show went well.  I always feel I could do much better, but I felt I did a good job and I enjoyed myself as well as meeting all the great artists also performing on the night.

Prince Bayo performed his new single ‘Turning me on’ for the first time at the event and we look forward to the release of the track later this year.  Prince Bayo told us he is working on the video for this track and finishing the rest of his album which he hopes will finally be ready by summer this year.

To find out more about autism visit

To find out more about Prince Bayo visit his website you can also like his page on Facebook

Pictures by Choco Photography courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment

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