No.1 selling Norwegian star Beate Jacobsen is back after almost quitting the business

No.1 Selling Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen is back after nearly quitting the music business for good.

No.1 Selling Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen is back after nearly quitting the music business for good.

No.1 selling Norwegian star Beate Jacobsen has come a long way since her no.1 hit Like a river.  The journey has been one of awakening and change.  A Journey that as she puts almost led her to quit the industry altogether.  Now though, she is back and with a new sound and new energy for creating even more great music.  Beate Jacobsen flew into London to perform live for the first time in a while at the G Salvatore fashion showcase in Birmingham at the M-Club.

We spoke exclusively to Beate Jacobsen about her journey, the event and her plans for the future.

Hello Beate, Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.  Firstly we would like to ask you how did you find the experience of performing in Birmingham at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase event and what made you decide to come back with this event?

Hello, and thank you for having me.  I found the experience very invigorating and also challenging.  I enjoyed it very much but at the same time, I must admit I felt a little rusty and could have done with more time to prepare.  I decided to do this particular event because I know and trust the Stevie Eagle E and Brandon McConnell.  They both advised me that this would be the perfect type of event to get things moving again and they were both right.

Was it what you expected?

In some ways yes, in some ways no,  To be honest, I did not know quite what to expect as I have never done a performance in a club like this before so I thought it would be smaller more close, more intimate, but it was very big and a lot of fun.  I actually loved the fashion part too and I hope Gianni will have something for me.

Beate Jacobsen performing her no.1 track Strand Hotel

Beate Jacobsen performing her no.1 track Like a river

It’s been a while now since you had your number one hit ‘Like a river’ and then several hit songs after that including Strand hotel (which was something you performed at the Eurovision song contest).  How has the industry changed for you and what have you been doing all of this time?

This is a very big question.  So much has changed since I had my big hits.  I am no longer a little girl with stars in her eyes.  I was so very young then and when I had the hit it seemed to just come out of nowhere and instantly I was everywhere.  For a while it was ok, but I was too young and I did not have any real guidance from anyone.  I just did not know what to do and it began to get to me.  I found myself unable to handle all the attention and demands.

When you are just a young girl and everyone is looking at you it is very scary.  I knew it was not good for me and the direction of the music was not what I wanted.  I was just doing what I was told, wear this, sing like this, move like this, talk like this.  I lost myself completely.  In the end, I had to get away from it all and find myself and then began the journey to find my way back to the music.

What was this journey like was it a difficult one?

Like any journey it had it’s highs and lows.  I had many lows, made many mistakes mostly because I was young and also because I had the wrong people around me.  At points, I left the music altogether but music is in my blood, the piano is my lover and in the end, I would always come back to it.  Also, life catches up with you.  I have beautiful children and became a mother and a partner so these things also took up a lot of my time and space and at points the music was far in the background.  There were many times that I really thought I should just quit this business and I came very close not so long ago when some of my best songs were taken from me.  After writing these songs and working with amazing producers, Grammy-award winning musicians to have them taken away was for me almost the last straw.  I lost faith in the business and the people in it and I really thought it was not for me anymore.

What made you change your mind?

Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen performs her new song Lucky to be alive at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Birmingham, UK

Norwegian Star Beate Jacobsen performs her new song Lucky to be alive at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Birmingham, UK

When you are born to do something when it is your calling, those around you who see this and know this will not let you quit.  People like Brandon McConnell and Stevie Eagle E would not let me.  They came along just at the right time.  I call them my angels and they helped me to see who I am and what I must do.  As Stevie puts it to me. ‘Music for you is like a boomerang you can throw it away, but it will always come back to you.  He of course was and is right.  I am connected to the music so deeply  I would just be fooling myself if thought I could walk away from it.  I can’t.

So now that you are fully back, what can we expect from Beate Jacobsen in the future?

I want to keep growing, getting better.  I am going to be working with some great people, doing some new things.  I think many of my fans may be a little surprised at some of my future music.  I will be working with Stevie Eagle E on several musical projects and I am really excited about working with him and collaborating with other great artists.  I also have 2 great albums that I want to push out there and bring all my fans back home to Beate.  They have been waiting a long time for me.  So for me, the future is very exciting and I am looking forward to it.

Beate, Thank you for taking time out to speak with us.  we wish you all the best in the future and hope that we will see you back in the UK soon.

Thank you once again for having me and I will be doing much more not only in the UK but everywhere.  I think it’s time to share my music with the world again.

For more information on Beate Jacobsen visit her website

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Pictures courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment and Choco Photography


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