From Las Vegas to China Hungarian Star Marcellina is on a mission as she touches down in the UK for exclusive event.

Hungarian star Marcellina hits Birmingham UK for the exclusive G Salvatore Fashion showcase

Hungarian star Marcellina hits Birmingham UK for the exclusive G Salvatore Fashion showcase

Hungarian star Marcellina flew in and rocked the house at the G Salvatore fashion showcase in Birmingham at the M-Club.  When you look at the profile and career of this amazing lady you soon realize she is a European powerhouse commanding huge areas, TV, and radio constantly.  So what brought this Hungarian icon to Birmingham to perform at the M-Club?

Before she flew back to Hungary we had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Marcellina in her hotel in Birmingham.

We asked her, What brought her to Birmingham?

I came for several reasons.  I wanted a challenge and I loved the concept that Stevie Eagle E proposed to me.  It was something exciting, new and fresh.  When you love music all you want to do is perform.  Any opportunity to perform is always welcome and this was a great opportunity for me to perform with new artists in a new country and do something I had never done before.  I also spoke at very long with Stevie about my Charity White Knights which supports blind people in Hungary.  He was very understanding about my passion for this and told me to take it international.  He said coming to the UK would be a good way to begin to establish this and make a start with it here also.

Hungarian Star Macellina is on a mission to raise awareness about her White Knights charity which supports the blind.

Hungarian Star Marcellina is on a mission to raise awareness about her White Knights charity which supports the blind.

You have performed on some of the biggest stages in the world in places like China and Las Vegas as well as throughout Europe, how did you find the M-Club in Birmingham?

I thought it was great.  It is a very nice club as clubs go.  The sound was great for us, and that for me is always the most important.  It is not good to have a fantastic place and terrible sound.  Stevie Eagle E and all of his team took time to create a singers and performers environment.  This was not so easy as there had to be space for models to also walk and do what they do.  I enjoyed the whole experience, met many new people and made some good friends.  I got on very well with everyone especially Stephan Dante, she was a very infectious person full of life and smiles.  I also had time to go into the studio with the amazing singers Beate Jacobsen and Robert Magyar to do a production with Stevie Eagle E which I cannot talk too much about now.  The whole experience was wonderful and I hope to come back.

Hungarian Star Macellina is a singer and Saxophonist

Hungarian Star Marcellina is a singer and Saxophonist

You are a singer and a saxophone player what do you like doing the most?

I get asked this question quite a lot and I still have no real answer.  I love them both the same as they both allow me to express my feelings and emotions in slightly different ways.  I feel I am lucky that I can switch between the two.  I love the different responses I get from people when I sing and when I play.  So I have to say I have no favorite.

What does the future hold for Marcellina?

The future always holds music.  I hope to be doing more in the UK and more with my Charity White Knights all around the world.  I want to collaborate and work with different artists with different styles of music.  I am looking forward to working with Stevie Eagle E on several things he is a great thinker and very ambitious with the things he wishes to achieve.  I hope I can continue to play and grow for many more years.

We were at the G Salvatore Fashion showcase event and it was quite something to see this true artist perform, we truly hope she returns again. For more information on Marcellina visit her website 

Pictures courtesy of Marcellina and Shlepp Entertainment.

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