Bhangra great Tubsy to join Stephan Dante live at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

Bhangra Star Tubsy to perform live at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

One of Bhangra’s most enduring stars Tubsy is set to join one of the new rising stars on the block Stephan Dante at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards on the 11th of November live on stage at the ICC.

Tubsy already famous for his collaborations with musicians and artists from all genres is a Bollywood legend and one of the pioneers of Bhangra in Birmingham.

Click here to watch the video of Shlepp supremo and co-producer of the Birmingham inspiration Awards ‘Stevie Eagle E‘ meeting up with Tubsy to break the news of the exciting live collaboration.

Tubsy and Stephan Dante to perform at the Birmingham inspiration Awards

Bhangra great Tubsy to perform with Stephan Dante at the Birmingham Inspiration Awards

Stephan Dante who was recently on TV in Birmingham did not mention anything about the forthcoming collaboration.  We asked Stevie Eagle E why she did not mention it and he told us it was because we were unsure if Tubsy would be able to make back from a Bollywood movie in time for the event.

Stephan Dante live on Birmingham TV

Stephan Dante speaks on a TV show in Birmingham about Birmingham inspiration awards but did not mention the collaboration with Tubsy during the interview.

For more information about the Birmingham Inspiration Awards and Top UK Model 2017 visit  To watch the interview with Tubsy and Stevie Eagle E Click here.

To find out more about Stephan Dante visit

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