African star Soleil NgoNga says her new reality show is not following the Kardashians in style or content.

African Singer, Model and Socialite Soleil NgoNga gets ready to launch her new reality TV show A little ray of sunshine

African Singer, model, and Socialite Soleil NgoNga gets ready to launch her new reality TV show ‘A little ray of sunshine’

Reality TV seems to have taken over our airwaves these days.  The moment you look around it seems a new reality TV show is about to be launched somewhere.  So why should we pay attention to African Star Soleil NgoNga when she tells us she is about to launch her own reality TV show ‘A little ray of sunshine’, and what can we expect from this beautiful and talented African socialite that we have not already seen in ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’?

We caught up Soleil NgoNga for an exclusive interview in Covent Garden London, one of the several homes in which she abides in the UK.  We had a lot of questions for the self-proclaimed ‘Diamond of God’.

Hello, Soleil it’s truly nice to meet you.  If you don’t mind let’s get right down to it. What is ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’ all about really? Is it just another Kardashians with a black woman instead?

Hello, and yes it is a pleasure to meet you also.  Ok,  That’s a very straightforward question.  A little Ray of sunshine is really about inspiration and reality.  It’s a reality show about my everyday life and experiences as I try to move forward and help others.  It’s about showing people the other side of me, the ordinary young mum who is just like them but not settling for just being here.  I am trying to make something out of my life and I believe everyone can do the same.  I am so different from the Kardashians my show could never be the same.  Yes they are both reality shows but this is very much about real life.  This is not going to be a Hollywood production.  It will be shot in a way that is quite real in many formats that every day people use like mobile phones even.  As much as possible we will try to keep it real, but as you know in these shows some things are a little contrived to make a point or add a little drama to the show.  At the end of the day we have to entertain also.

Watch a video introduction to A little ray of sunshine by Soleil

African Star Soleil NgoNga poses for a picture at a hotel in central London

African Star Soleil NgoNga poses for a picture at a hotel in central London

I would love to know more about the show itself, but the question that comes to my mind first is: Why would you do this in the first place, does it not mean your privacy and time are gone really?

That’s a good question and for a long while when we were planning this show I kept asking myself, what am I putting myself into?  I did not really want to do this, in the beginning, It was my fans and friends that kept telling me I should do something like this.  For years I have been saying no, no, no but in the end, I gave in to them and others and decided I wanted to do it.

Once I decided to do it, the big question was how I was going to do it and who I was going to do it with?  The who was easy because I was already working with Stevie Eagle E from Shlepp Entertainment on certain projects and it made sense to continue with him.  I trust Stevie as he understands me.  He knows I am a Christian and I wanted to do things in a slightly different way.

You said you wish to inspire people, and we saw in your video introduction that you came to the UK with nothing and built yourself into a singer, model, and entrepreneur. Do you not feel that the best part of your story has already passed?

No, not at all.  I feel the best and hardest part of my journey is just starting to be honest.  When I first came here from kinshasa I was younger and I just did what I did without too much thinking.  I did a lot of good things and some things not so good but I had the desire and I never gave up, I learnt from my mistakes.  In many ways, I almost stumbled to where I am now until I built a relationship with God and things started to get better, make more sense.  I started to think and plan and not just do without thinking.  Now I have a young son and I am a single mother who has fought to get on the first rung of the ladder.  The real journey starts now in climbing that ladder as a Mother, a singer, an entrepreneur and a Christian trying to do the best I can in this world for myself and others.  I know to some people I have already succeeded, but in my mind, I have not achieved what I set out to do yet.

Entrepreneur business woman Soleil NgoNga runs several business

Entrepreneur business woman Soleil NgoNga runs several businesses

Watch previews from A little Ray of Sunshine.

So will the show be shown on TV and if so where can we expect to watch it?

The moment we started making the show I had several offers to take it straight to TV.  Small stations with a decent audience in both Africa and the UK.  However, we decided to just wait for a while before we do this.  Speaking with Stevie we decided that if we wanted to establish our identity and style on this show we would have to do it as an independent for a while and try to make it successful.  This would give us more power and say when we eventually take it to mainstream TV.  So, for now, we are focusing the first few episodes online.  Via my Youtube, Website, and Facebook.  This way we can adapt, learn and develop the show along with the fans until we get everything right.  Once we feel we have it the way we want it we will look again at TV or not who knows?

When can we expect the first full episode and how long will it be?

Congolese star Soleil NgoNga

Congolese star Soleil NgoNga

The first full episode will be sometime in October.  We are still filming it now and I will be traveling abroad so we shall be shooting more there too.  As soon as we have it all wrapped up I will let everyone know.  I’m very excited about it.  I think it will be about 30 mins.   These reality shows may look simple but there is a lot of work involved in it so I have to be patient along with my fans.

How much of your life are you willing to expose in this show Soleil?

You know that is a very good question.  I have no idea.  I will just have to see what I am comfortable with.  My son is going to be in it, some of my friends and family maybe also, I am not sure how it will all work and I am sure there will be times I wonder what I am doing again.  I do know I want to show as much as possible the process of things, what it is like to be a young mother from Africa trying to make it in the West in entertainment.  I want to show my struggles and frustrations, but more importantly how I overcome them.  I want to show people that it is possible to smile through adversity and trials and overcome them this way with dignity.

Because we do not know exactly how much we shall show or not show, this is another reason for us not to rush to send this to TV.  We need to figure this out for ourselves before we are told this and that by TV stations and production companies who have other concerns like advertisers and ratings before me.

African Star Soleil NgoNga shooting her reality TV show 'A Little Ray of Sunshine' in central London.

African Star Soleil NgoNga shooting her reality TV show ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’ in central London.

What do you feel is your biggest challenge with the show?

Oh that is easy.  My son Norfolk.  He is a handful and such a mummy’s boy.  He has just turned two and everything you hear about the ‘terrible twos’ is correct.  I cannot take my eyes off him for a minute or he is up to something naughty.  If I have to work or go somewhere I almost have to sneak out or he goes crazy.  It’s tough and I know he is going to be the hardest thing to manage at first.

Soleil with her young son Norfolk at her Covent garden home.

Soleil with her young son Norfolk at her Covent garden home.

He is my little heartbeat though.  Every day he is getting smarter and smarter.  Today kids seem to learn faster (or at least faster with technology and talking back lol).  I am teaching him three languages at once so he can speak English, French and his African dialect also.  He talks back to me in all three already!

African Star Soleil NgoNga and her son Norfolk pose for a picture on the stairs.

African Star Soleil NgoNga and her son Norfolk pose for a picture on the stairs.

Soleil it seems we have run out of time.  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at GlobalNewsink.

No problem I hope I can count on your support with my show.

So what did we learn about ‘A little ray of Sunshine’  The new reality TV show from African star Soleil NgoNga?  Well, it won’t be much like keeping up with the Kardashians, Soleil is coming from a slightly more Christian perspective for one thing.  From the previews, we have seen it will focus on her quite a bit with deep conversations. We know Stevie Eagle E will be involved and this groundbreaker brought the first reality production to Macau China SAR with the Chinese Madonna Ayi Jihu, so we know if nothing else it will be a little ground breaking. It is perhaps too early to say what it will be like and whether or not it will be a hit online.  What we do know is it is interesting enough for us to follow.  Soleil is a unique type of Character, an elegant beautiful woman with steel running down her backbone.  For her to have just got to this point is a story I would like to read some day. How much further can she go, and what will she go through to get there?  Well, I guess we will just have to watch ‘A little ray of sunshine‘ to find out.

Soleil NgoNga 'A little Ray of Sunshine' Reality TV show coming soon

Soleil NgoNga ‘A little Ray of Sunshine’ Reality TV show coming soon

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Photographs courtesy Stevie Eagle E for Shlepp Entertainment


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