Golden Globes. What did you miss? and how did our favourite ‘Fences’ do?


La La Land scoops it all at the Golden Globes

La La Land scoops it all at the Golden Globes’

Awards season is upon us and the Golden Globes got the ball rolling. The Hollywood foreign press sparked several interesting story-lines that we will be talking about all the way to Oscar night. It was a fun night will a few surprises and a few disappointments. Here are a handful of random thoughts:

  • Who had the best night? Do I even need to tell you? “La La Land” went a perfect 7/7 which was both wonderful and surprising.
  • The first surprise of the night came quick. Aaron Taylor-Johnson wins Best Supporting Actor for “Nocturnal Animals”. Hard to argue. It’s a great performance, but Michael Shannon was that film’s scene stealer and he didn’t even get nominated.
  • Predictably “Zootopia” wins Best Animated Film. I know I know, people love it. For me it was insanely heavy-handed. Great message but handled with bludgeoning subtlety.
  • Jimmy Fallon was an okay host. The opening musical riff on “La La Land” was a hoot. After that Fallon kinda disappeared.
  • Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical went to Ryan Gosling. Hmm. Well it was a weird group. The inclusion of Reynolds and Hill was baffling to me. And while Grant and Farrell are both good, they are hardly give Awards caliber performances. That’s why Gosling won. But he needn’t worry about giving an acceptance speech on Oscar night. He’s toast when tossed in with Washington and Affleck.


  • Speaking of Gosling, he gave my favorite speech of the night. It was humble and very personal. There was no doubt it came from the heart. Good job Ryan.
  • And then you have Meryl Streep’s speech. As unpopular as this may sound, I zoned out halfway through. I’m just tired of the political wrangling especially when both sides start repeating themselves. The speech will be heralded by the left and railed on by the right. Whatever. I would have MUCH rather heard her talk about what won her the award in the first place. Oh well, it was her time to spend.
  • The Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher tribute was such a tender moment. Just a lovely montage.
  • “Elle” certainly turned some heads. Not only did it win the Best Foreign Language category but Isabelle Huppert wins Best Actress – Drama. Look out Oscars!
  • Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig – Best presenters of the evening (Seeing Rocky and Apollo together – a close second).
  • Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn – Worst presenters of the evening.
  • Did anyone else notice the weird selective aggression when it came to the cut-off music. There was no rhyme or reason for it.
  • “Hidden Fences”?
  • Casey Affleck is a good actor. I’ll give him that. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find any better performance than Denzel Washington’s in “Fences”. Electrifying. I was hoping he would win.


  • Speaking of “Fences”, Viola Davis. I can’t express how thrilled I was to hear her name called for a Best Actress-Drama. It was a stacked category but her performance was on an entirely different level. Pure brilliance.
  • I loved Damien Chazelle’s win for Best Director. “La La Land” was such a gutsy undertaking, but to then deliver the way he does. A truly magnificent accomplishment and a well deserved win.
  • Chazelle’s win for Best Screenplay. Well, that was a little surprising.
  • Did you guys notice all of the beards?  I mean beards were everywhere!
  • “Moonlight” winning for Best Picture-Drama was no surprise. While I prefer “Hacksaw Ridge” out of that group, “Manchester By the Sea” was the only real challenger for “Moonlight”. Up next, a showdown with “La La Land” on Oscar night. That should be fun to watch unfold.
  • Every time I saw Ryan Reynolds I just shook my head. Very likable guy and all, but “Deadpool” nominated for two Globes? Can’t see it.
  • Yes Meryl Streep was nominated again this time for “Florence Foster Jenkins”. It’s become a regular thing at this stage of her career (whether deserved or not) . I’m hoping the Academy doesn’t do the same. Don’t get me wrong. Streep gives a nice performance, but there are so many actresses who deserve it more this year. Hey Oscar, let’s give them a shot.


  • Regardless of whether you prefer “La La Land” or “Moonlight”, everyone can agree that Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar were adorable!
  • How about that teleprompter malfunction? Could there have been a worse possible time for Jimmy Fallon? I felt for the guy.
  • Here’s hoping the internet doesn’t give “La La Land” the “Boyhood” treatment after such a big night. We may like one film more than the other and that’s okay. Winning at an awards show won’t change a film’s value to us. Let’s just be collectively happy that we have some really good films to talk about this season. That’s a good thing.

So there are just a few thoughts from last night’s big show. It was fun in a very Golden Globes-like way. So what did you think of the show, the winners, the losers, Casey Affleck’s hair? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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