Suicide Squad makes our 5 worst films of 2016 Do you agree? – Global News Ink


Suicide Squad makes Global News Ink 5 worst movies of 2016 list

Suicide Squad makes Global News Ink 5 worst movies of 2016 list

Sometimes we need to take a break from all of the excitement and celebrations of awards season and come back down earth. What better way to do that than by reminding ourselves that not every 2016 movie was a good one. In fact there were some real stinkers. To prove it I’m sharing what I thought were the five worst films of the past year.

Keep in mind I was fortunate enough not to see all of the cinematic dreck that funneled through theaters so you may notice a few missing. I consider that a blessing. Still these five movies more than hold their own against any others.

#5 – “The Purge: Election Year”


I find something oddly intriguing about the Purge franchise’s concept despite its absolute absurdity. This third installment teases its potential but completely loses it in a mire of silliness and heavy-handed sermonizing. There wasn’t must subtlety in the political messaging of the first two films, but this installment is so laughably direct and it smothers out any hint of a decent story.

#4 – “Suicide Squad”


This epic blunder was the last thing DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers needed. It certainly doesn’t help them gain ground on Marvel’s cash cow. There is an interesting concept hidden somewhere within “Suicide Squad” but we never see it. Instead we get a pasted together mess filled with flat characters, dull action, and a bland, forgettable antagonist. In fact, that actually describes the movie perfectly – flat, dull, bland, and forgettable.

#3 – “Independence Day: Resurgence”


You would think if someone was going to make a sequel some 20 years after the original film that they must have something good in mind. Nope. “ID: Resurgence” is basically a rehash minus any of the charm from the original. This film is a joyless slog featuring cheap, paper-thin characters and some of the worst performances of the year. And it doesn’t help to have a truly awful script at the center. I didn’t think this would be good, but I also didn’t think it would be this bad.

#2 – “The Do-Over”


Expecting a decent movie from Adam Sandler has become an exercise in futility. He is content with churning out garbage and cashing his checks for it. This is one of his worst and that’s saying something. “The Do-Over” is yet another excuse for Sandler to take vacation with his buddies on Netflix’s dime. It’s stupid, juvenile, disgusting, and offensive yet it masquerades as comedy. I happily checked out before the end simply because there was nothing redeemable about this slop. Yet another new low for Sandler.

#1 – “Gods of Egypt”


I have an incredibly high tolerance for cheesy fantasy, but even I couldn’t get over the myriad of problems with “Gods of Egypt”. This thing is filled to the brim with lame plot contrivances, mind-numbing action sequences, uninspired creatures, and some truly terrible performances. Even the effects (supposedly the film’s bread-and-butter) can be shockingly gaudy. Sadly we have come to expect this from a Gerard Butler movie, but talk about a crazy way for a studio to waste $140 million.

So there are my worst films of 2016. See one I miss? Have any thoughts on these? Please let me hear them.

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