Forget walking the dog Native American singer Jezz Harvey walks the wolf!

Native American Singer/Songwriter Jezz Harvey keeps fit by walking her wolf Marley

Native American Singer/Songwriter Jezz Harvey keeps fit by walking her wolf Marley

It’s not many people who have ever seen a Wolf in it’s natural environment.  Even fewer can claim to go walking with one.  Not so for Native American Singer and Songwriter Jezz Harvey.  She has her own Half Wolf half, half German Shepherd aptly called Marley.  Marley she says is her personal trainer and family protector.

Singer and songwriter Jezz Harvey at home int he Canadian wilderness with her dogs and Half wolf Marley

Jezz Harvey at home with her dogs.

Jezz Harvey does not need to worry about the neighbours, There ain’t any where she lives with her 3 dogs and half wolf Marley.  Over an hour’s drive into the nearest town through snow filled roads means getting up and going to the gym in town is not much of an option.

I go running and training with Marley because he won’t let me stop.  He can run for hours without stopping and when I want to quit he just drags me along.

Jezz told us Marley is also a fierce protector of the home and land they live on always to first to spot danger and alert the rest of them.  She also said he is a great hunter bringing home everything from mink to beaver.

He is my best friend I don’t know what I would do without him now.  He was given to me by a close friend who struggled to control him and at the time I wanted a project and a big dog for the house.  We hit it off almost from day one.  I can control him with hand signals as well as with speech and whistles, he is very clever and extremely loyal to me.

Native American Singer and Songwriter Jezz Harvey at home with half wolf Marley

Jezz Harvey at home with half wolf Marley

Jezz also told us that Marley never lets her sleep in or get lazy.

I have to take him out every day for at least an hour or he starts to go a bit crazy.  If I try to sleep in too long he is at the door making sure I wake up and take him for a run.  Sometimes I just get on my Quad and let him chase after me for a few miles because I just can’t run anymore.

Jezz harvey gives wolf marley a run every morning even if she has to drive the quad and let him chase after her.

Wolf Marley runs behinds the Quad

Jezz has just released her debut single ‘You haunt me‘ which has seen her get critical reviews from around the globe.  We wrote about the debut single in December.  As she continues working on her debut album with Shlepp Entertainment supremo Stevie Eagle E she is determined to make her mark on the music industry.

I did not know what to expect from people when they heard ‘You haunt me‘ I don’t know about other artist but I am always nervous when people listen to my music.  I put so much of myself into it so I feel it if they like it or don’t like it quite a bit.  It was great to get such a positive response from so many people.  I know I have a long way to go but I am determined to get to the top of this game and tell my story, speak out for Native American people and culture where I can.  I know I have to work really hard though.

Jezz harvey's half dog half wolf Marley plays in the snow

Wolf Marley playing in the snow

You can listen and download ‘You Haunt me’ direct from Jezz Harvey’s website here

You can also add ‘You haunt me to your flow on Deezer.  Also you can add it to your playlist on Spotify as well as download it from most online music stores like Apple music and Itunes.

We will be following the progress of this new Native American artists and wishing her well with her wolf Marley too.

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