House music queen Kym Mazelle talks Past, present and future in exclusive New Year interview.

Queen of house music kym Mazzelle

Queen of house music kym Mazelle

If there is ever a time when House Music will always reign supreme it will be on New Years eve all over the world.  Nothing brings in the new year better than the happy sounds of house music banging through the dance floor in any venue.  Nothing brings the feel good vibes of a new year more than house music.  If you are talking house music you cannot help but talk about the queen herself Kym Mazelle and I had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Kym on the eve of the new year.

Hi Kym It’s great to speak to one of true Diva’s of music.  As we approach 2017 what are your thoughts about 2016, was it a good year for you? 

Hello nice to speak with you too. Well this year has been full on I must say.  Ups Downs, Highs and lows. Living to the fullness, especially if your grown up enough to know that it’s not always about you.

You have been at the top or thereabouts of this game for decades now, how do you feel the game has changed and how have you adapted to that change?

Well the industry has totally changed, and as a Pioneer of House Music Myself and my fellow pioneers help usher that change in with the beginning of electronic machines and computers assisting with musician back in the day, that’s House.  In some ways sampling had just taken over, but now it seems the live sound is being added back.

First lady of House Kym Mazzelle

First lady of House Kym Mazelle

You have been blessed to work with many great artist in your career, but does anyone stand out above the others?

This is true.  I was just thinking about that because sometimes we forget. I was recently thinking about when I was in the studio with Mick Jagger for is solo Album ‘Wandering Spirits’ we clicked immediately. Chaka Khan the same thing.  Simon Cowell same thing  although he was a bit slippery.  Dionne Warwick was very graceful we were on a show together in Capri and I remember watching her soundcheck and was so surprised that she smoked (cigarettes) during the soundcheck. We sang the finale together that night.

The last decade has seen several greats pass away.  Who do you miss the most and why?

I’m not sure, really it’s not like I was speaking with anyone of them on a daily and we still have the music.  No disrespect.  But if I have to say, I’d #1 say Gavin Christopher he was one of my mentors and I was home when he passed and went with the family to help out. Denise Matthews (Vanity) because she and I spoke via email or Skype about faith and the industry. Well Prince because he was such a seer he could see things far ahead, including his death he told his sister 2 years ago that his time was nearing as he felt he’d done everything for him to do here.

You have made the UK your home and have an almost god like status with your fans here.  What is special about the uk and explain your relationship with your fans.  Why is it so special?

Yes I live between UK and the States.  I really really appreciate my fans soon much because they have been there for me when I was trying to figure things out under the spotlight.  And they’re still rolling with me.  Wow!!!  Thank you guy too much.  xo

As a black woman you must have strong views on black lives matter,  Donald Trump and the ‘bring back our girls’ issues. How as an artist and celebrity do you deal with these types of issues? 

I have strong relationship to my African American culture.  We rock and have contributed and invented 70% of what the world is rocking now from the fashion to hair to slang/language (24/7 seat at the table thirsty etc.) music all genre which is a multi billion industry. Film, Television, Theatre, Medicine and we can’t own our inventions. This is financially benefiting everyone but us and the world is blind to the injustice of it and feel we should be happy with a mention and a crust of bread. I’m generalising but you get the picture.

Do you feel that life has improved for people of colour or have things pretty much stayed the same?

What do you think.??

Well I have my views but I am sure people want to hear yours, I will take that as more of a ‘No’ than a ‘Yes’. Getting back to the music what are you working on and what can we expect from Kym Mazelle in 2017?


How would you describe yourself and your music?

Soulful – Fun also thoughtful

In closing we like to put a difficult question,  so here it is: Your top ten songs of all time?

I have no Idea. Too many I love music.  
Forget me not’s,
Love’s in need of love,
Love has fallen on me,
Bad habit, I’ll be good,
One Step Closer to You,
Don’t Walk Away,
Young Hearts Run Free
Kym Mazelle lists 'Jolene' by Dolly Parton as one of her all time favourite tracks

‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton

Your top ten movies of all time?
I like Star Wars,  (I’ve seen them all except the latest one) White Water, War Room, God’s Not Dead, One Night With The King, ( I like Christian/ Inspirational films) Twist of Faith (with Toni Braxton) Loving Leah, Lucy.
Kym Mazzelle list star wars as one of her top ten movies of all time

Star was

Your top ten artists of all time?
Rickie Lee Jones, Tupac, James Taylor, Jodeci, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Steles Dan, MercyMe, Shirley Ceasar, Hugh Maskela, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Motown. Parliament/Funkadelic, Billy Paul, Bob Marley,
Peter Tosh, The O’Jay’s Nancy Wilson, Angie Stone, Mother’s Finest, Barry White and The Love Unlimited Orchestra, The Clark Sisters, LeAndria Johnson
Kym Mazelle lists Tupac as one of her all time favourite artists


Crookers ft. Kym Mazelle - A Place In My Heart (Idris Elba Remix) (DEFECTED) by Idris Elba

Crookers ft. Kym Mazelle – A Place In My Heart (Idris Elba Remix) (DEFECTED) by Idris Elba

I happen to know you have a cool new track Crookers Ft. Kym Mazelle
A place in my heart the Idris Elba remix. which your fans can listen to by clicking on the picture above.
Thank you for taking time out to do this interview with me Kym I shall be looking forward to your new tracks with great anticipation and also seeing you more on our TV screens.  One love.
You’re welcome Stevie.  Happy Holidays
Stevie Eagle E
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