Stephan Dante Overwhelms with Exclusive video and interview

Rising pop poet Stephan Dante releases promo video to her new track Overwhelming.

Rising pop poet Stephan Dante releases promo video to her new track Overwhelming.

Christmas is over and the leftovers are being picked apart.  The new year has not arrived yet but some artists are stealing a march on things by laying down their intentions already.  One such rising luminary is Urban Pop poet singer and songwriter Stephan Dante. She has is about to release the video to her new track ‘Overwhelming‘ and we not only have the first showing of this video anywhere in the world but an exclusive interview the young Urban Poet who is turning heads.

Stephan Dante came into Global News this week but before we get to the interview lets talk about ‘Overwhelming’ the video.

Take a look.

Watch the brand new Stephan Dante video overwhelming.

Watch the brand new Stephan Dante video overwhelming. Click on the picture

The first thing that struck us when we saw this video is how simple but striking and engaging it is.  This video is all down to the presence and allure of Stephan Dante and some rather clever lighting and art direction.  Produced and directed by Stevie Eagle E it is refreshing and compelling in it’s artistic simplicity but powerful in it’s visual message.  The video itself is Overwhelming showing a true star in the making.  The camera loves Stephan Dante her screen presence is as powerful as her lyrics.

This video is in some ways a stark contrast to ‘Nails Did‘ her award winning debut track which racked up almost 50,000 views in the first few weeks of being released on FaceBook. Where ‘Nails Did’ was more Missy Elliott in vibe and feel, ‘Overwhelming’ is more Lady Gaga.  There seems to be no pinning this lady down to a particular style or genre.  She seems capable of doing it all and doing it all well.

Needless to say we loved this video and the track, and everyone here kept playing it long after Stephan left our offices.  Don’t take our word for it though.  Watch it yourself.

Stephan Dante exclusive interview:


Pop Poet Stephan Dante exclusive interview with Global News

Pop Poet Stephan Dante exclusive interview with Global News

We were fortunate to get a moment with Stephan Dante as she was in London recording tracks for her new album at Shlepp Studios.

2016 saw you announce yourself on the music scene with some style winning the Akademia urban music awards in USA and pulling in a lot of attention on social media.  How would you sum up 2016 did it meet or exceed your expectations?

It’s been a good steady and progressive year. There is still a lot of work. I’m thankful to be at a place where I can focus on my creativity.

We have had the pleasure of hearing several of your songs some which have not gone public (thanks to Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp Records ) What strikes us besides your amazing voice, writing and talent is your ability to switch styles so effortlessly.  Is this a deliberate thing you try to do and how are you able to do this so well?

Thank you for the compliment. I love all music and I like to adopt to any genre or style that will translate effectively the feeling that I want to portray. 

You have just put ‘Overwhelming’ into the public domain after ‘Nails Did’ two emotionally and musically very different tracks.  What was the thinking behind that and how do you feel your new fans will respond? 

I hope they will like it and then I hope they will begin to expect the unexpected. I have many strings to my bow. On the surface it’s about a woman reuniting with her lover after he has returned from war and all of the emotions that has awoken within her. But it also can be looked at from the perspective of an emotional or psychological internal war that can often evoke the same feelings.

As a poet and a writer you are very much up on social events and change.   Your poem about (Syrian) refugees got a lot of critical attention. Do you feel as an artist, poet and growing social celebrity that you have a responsibility to write about these things and give comment or do you just write as the feeling takes you?

I write about issues that concern me. I like to give a voice to those who do not have one.

As a young single mother of two how do manage to juggle being an artist and being a mum? 

I have no idea! I have a great supportive team at Shlepp that understand the complexities of my unique circumstances. I’m fighting against a lot of odds, we know this. But they believe in my art and I believe in my art so we keep pressing forward.

Who inspires you today and who inspires you from the past?

I’m inspired by the common man. I’m inspired by life the good the bad and the indifferent.

Your album is set for release in summer 2017 how is that going and what are your expectations for next year? 

Next year is going to be very, very, very busy. Yes the album is due and we’re working hard to produce a body of work that will be enjoyable but also provoking.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and speak with us.  We look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in 2017.

Thank you for having me at such short notice I’m sorry I have to rush away, but that’s the life of a single mum.  You get very little time.

Download overwhelming the single from Stephan Dante.

Download overwhelming the single from Stephan Dante.

You can download ‘Overwhelming’ only from Stephan Dante’s website ahead of it’s official release in 2017.

Stephan Dante is that rare artist and performer that oozes the X factor when you meet her. It comes out in her music and in her lyrics and poems.  2017 looks to be an interesting year for Stephan Dante lets hope that she continues to progress and impact the music scene and entertainment scene.  We need more like her.

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