Royalty goes ‘pop’ as Prince Bayo releases debut single


Royal singer and songwriter Prince Bayo

Prince Adebayo Alexander Oydeiran (Prince Bayo) From the Royal house of Macmillan in the UK and the Royal house of Lagos in Nigeria has quiet released a new single ‘Mysterious Girl‘ on Shlepp Records.

Known as the ‘Autistic Prince’  because of his autism Prince Bayo also has ADHD which made his youth very challenging.

We are hoping to interview Prince Bayo soon and find out more about his quite unique life and story but let us focus on his new pop single ‘Mysterious Girl’.

Before joining Shlepp Records and coming under the wings of Producer, guru and CEO of Shlepp Stevie Eagle E, Prince Bayo was no stranger to music.  Known for his reggae lovers rock style he had records in HMV and a few spots on TV.  So what has changed?


Mysterious Girl – Brand new single from Royal singer Prince Bayo

The moment you listen to ‘Mysterious Girl‘ You can here the Stevie Eagle E influence on Prince Bayo‘s music.  The moment you look at [The new] Prince Bayo image, website and marketing you can see the work of Shlepp Entertainment.   Mysterious girl is a wonderful track that is hard to put into a genre.  The inflections and vocals of Prince Bayo are lovers rock reggae, the music is soul pop.  It’s fair to say that Stevie Eagle E has taken Prince Bayo into a more mainstream pop arena making him accessible to everyone with ‘Mysterious Girl’.

There are not many true royals that sing, and there are even less that sing this good.  Prince Bayo’s voice is silky, controlled and compelling.  Pitching himself as a romantic lover this song does not disappoint and will have many a lady enthralled.  It’s one of those songs a young romantic man struggling for the right words to say to a woman he fancies would give to her as it says all he would love to say but cannot.

Mysterious Girl is a strong and credible rebirth for Prince Bayo a track that should see him taken seriously as a very good singer and songwriter and perhaps one that could be great.  It is no longer a mystery how amazingly talented people with Autism can be in many areas.  It seems that Prince Bayo’s talent is music.  Given the track record for Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment in bringing great talent (that many would not have seen) to the fore and making it global, we can expect to be seeing a lot more of the ‘Autistic Prince’ as he furthers his pop career.

You can listen to and download Mysterious Girl here:

As mentioned above we are hoping to get the Prince in our offices for an exclusive interview soon so look out for that one.



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