Nails Did – The viral musical phenomenon from Stephan Dante reaches Africa

Some tunes like them or not just get under your skin.  They catch on and become viral.  Before you know it everyone is singing it even if they don’t want to.  ‘Nails Did‘ by Stephan Dante is one of those songs.  It’s catchy and timely lets face it Nails are the big thing at the moment.

However what makes the whole Stephan DanteNails Did‘ thing a little different is the speed, reach and demographic of it’s viral affect.  This is not just a song that has prompted people to sing along, It is a track that has moved people all over the world to do something.  Dance, sing, take a picture etc.

Fans from around the globe show their support for Stephan Dante and her début single Nails Did

Fans from around the globe show their support for Stephan Dante and her début single Nails Did. Images courtesy of Facebook

It is also apparent that Stephan Dante has as much to do with the popularity of the movement as the song itself.  All over the world people seem to have taken to this young urban singing poet from London.  No more is this evident than when you watch the video above from the ZuluLand Gospel choir.  South Africa is 8,590 miles away from London yet Stephan Dante has stirred the hearts of her ancestors with her first single, before it’s release and without radio play.

You only have to watch the video to realise that Stephan Dante has quickly become a role model for young women all around the globe and especially young Black women.  A mother of two who had to fight on her own from a young age to make her own way is always inspiring, especially when the world writes you off and you bounce back and succeed.  Stephan Dante has and continues to defy the odds and succeed, ‘rise above’ and do so with dignity and humility and charm and perhaps this is the real viral connection the world is feeling.  Stephan Dante is refreshing and real and hugely talented and enigmatic.  This is very evident from her interview below on BEN TV

It’s not just Africa that is responding either.  Thailand, North America, and the UK and Europe are all paying attention, the fans seem to come from everywhere and they are all different.

Watching the ZuluLand Gospel Choir perform there thrilling version of ‘Nails Did’ reminded me of the African group singing at the end of the perhaps the greatest video of all time ‘Moonwalker’ by Michael Jackson.  That was in inspired move by Michael himself.  He understood the power and the importance of Africa when many others overlooked it or preferred to ignore it.

Another clue to the viral appeal of Stephan Dante is her versatility.  Dubbed the ‘UK missy Elliott’ because of ‘Nails Did’ one would then expect a stream of songs in the same vein.  But no, she then displays a completely different side to herself by showing the world overwhelming (below).

Perhaps the least surprising thing about Stephan Dante is her manager Stevie Eagle E and her team Shlepp Entertainment. The guy that brought us the Chinese Madonna Ayi Jihu and is now bringing through Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera has a habit of finding, developing and breaking unique global talent.  It seems lightning does strike twice at least for Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment it does.

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment made history with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment made history with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Nails Did by Stephan Dante is set to be released in Early November 2015 and as things stand it looks like it won’t do badly at all and will establish Stephan Dante firmly on the music and entertainment scene. From there only time will tell just how far this young, inspirational and very viral artist will go.

rising uk star Stephan Dante is set to hit big with her debut single 'Nails Did'

rising uk star Stephan Dante is set to hit big with her debut single ‘Nails Did’

You can keep up to date with all things Stephan Dante at
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If you have not heard the track ‘Nails Did’ check it out on her website I’m sure you will be hearing somewhere soon enough.

We think Stephan Dante is destined to be a global star. So be prepared for many people to be getting their ‘Nails Did’ in the future.  Just take a look at the video from ZuluLand Gospel Choir above and if that does not bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

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