Young mother on the verge of stardum says ‘success is all in the mind’ – Stephan Dante

Young mother Stephan Dante says success is all in the mind

Young mother Stephan Dante says success is all in the mind

As she looks in the mirror one would imagine Stephan Dante cannot quite believe her eyes. She is poised to make a impact in the entertainment industry in what seems to be a very fast rise. Many people are talking about the Singer, songwriter and poet that is Stephan Dante. Several years ago could she have imagined herself in this position as a teenage mother with a child on her own? Today Stephan Dante speaks out and tells the world ‘Yes she could’ but she knew she first had to get control of her own mind before she could achieve any success in life.

Speaking exclusively to GlobalNewsInk Stephan Dante told us:

I see many young mothers almost giving up before they have started because they have little support or low self esteem, because they are alone, or just not educated. I want to help them. I want to tell them they have a bright future and not to fall into the trap of looking at themselves in the wrong way. I want to tell them not to get caught up in the welfare mentality, be thankful for it when you need it but fight to move yourself out of that system at every opportunity. I want to tell them that finding success is not about money, or any guy but in mastering your own mind and thoughts and in hard work and focus.

Many wrote me off when I was younger. Some of those closest to me, the ones I trusted the most where actually the ones holding me down and stopping me from growing. My heart and my mind was lost because of misinformation, lies and the agenda of others. Despite all of this I never stopped dreaming of what I wanted to be and what I could be. It was more than a dream it was a reality to come, but first I knew I had to set my head out because my head was a mess.

When I say ‘Success is all in the mind’ I really mean it. Looking back now as I can see clearly my progress was linked to sorting my mind out first. This is not an easy thing to do. You cannot sort out your mind as you would a messy cupboard. For me it took many years. The key thing is I knew I had to do it very early on. This is the key to my message to young mothers today, those who are confused, searching for answers and the way forward. Do not look to external forces and things for the answer. People will tell you it’s all about finding this or that guy or having this house, car or just stuff. People will confuse and mislead you into thinking the answer is everything but what it really is. The answer is you. Fixing you is the answer and the sooner you acknowledge that and embark on that journey the sooner you will find true success and contentment in your life.

I am living proof of this because I learned to master my own mind. It was destroying me, leading me down the wrong paths, even though I knew this it took me a while to get control of it and steady my ship. It is not quick but if you look into yourself and are humble, if you are willing to see the true you for who and what you are and then fix that you can win the battle over the mind. People will always let you down, even your own parents sometimes so if you have faith in something else greater than people this is also a key thing. I had faith and that faith in something greater than myself helped me get through all of this also.

I am excited about the release of my début single ‘Nails did‘ A lot of people are saying a lot of nice things about me and I appreciate it. I know my life is about to change and the change is happening already, but for me it does not matter if a million people buy the song or just one because just getting to this point from where I was is a huge success and I will continue no matter what. I have two beautiful children, both happy, healthy and of good character. I have love around me, and I am doing what I was meant to do, doing what I love and I am doing it quite well. I do not think you can be more successful than that. Money, fame and all that other stuff is just the icing on a cake that took me many years to make and I am proud of it.

I would like to be an inspiration to young mothers everywhere. Yes I would like to help them if I can by just doing what I am doing and showing them you can do it because I am doing it and I am no different to you. I understand young mothers and know what they are going through and the challenges they face. So maybe they will listen to me, maybe not, but I will keep talking through my poetry, music and anyway else I can because that is what I do, this is all I know and I want them to understand that success is all in the mastering of the mind. – Stephan Dante

Stephan Dante is set to release her début single ‘Nails Did’ in November 2015. We have not been given an exact date for the single release as yet be we expect it to be early to mid November. Her much anticipated début album (working title) ‘Hummingbird’ is due for release in early 2016.
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