Shlepp Entertainment ready to launch UK ‘Missy Elliott’ Stephan Dante to the world!

Several weeks ago certain members of the music and entertainment press were alerted to Shlepp Entertainments introduces Stephan Dante new signing Stephan Dante. A brand new singer songwriter and urban poet that they were intending to unleash on the public late in 2015 or early 2016. This weekend we were invited back to Shlepp Studios in London to get an exclusive first listen to the music of Stephan Dante and we were all shocked. Stephan Dante has some serious hit’s ready to drop and as we all bumped our heads to the music blasting from the hue speakers at Shlepp Entertainments studios in West London one thing became clear. This was a unique talent with a touching but real insight into the human experience. It was on the tip of all of our tongues but no one said it out loud. We are looking at and listening to the UK’s Missy Elliot.

ritish Urban singer songwriter Stephan Dante is she the Uk's  Missy Elliot?

ritish Urban singer songwriter Stephan Dante is she the Uk’s Missy Elliot?

You can make your own mind up when you see and hear this lady for yourself, but the swag, creativity and the complete uniqueness of her vibe and approach is reminiscent of the great Missy Elliot herself. When Missy exploded on the music scene she changed many things and we feel Stephan Dante will do the same thing not just here in the UK but globally.

We had another chance to speak to Stevie Eagle E about Stephan Dante and Shlepp Entertainment to ascertain what his next move would be with this exciting talent:

I am happy that you guys are feeling Stephan Dante. We are all feeling her at Shlepp and she brings a great vibe to the studio and all the team here. Our plans are simple: To share this amazing artist to the world when the time is right, when she is fully ready. At Shlepp Entertainment we do not rush things. We take our time and try as best as we can to get things right. We do not sign many artists because we are not looking for just talent or good looks, we are looking for something special and special is not everywhere. When we found and developed Chinese star Ayi Jihu no one else could even understand that move. A few years later and billions of people reached and history made over and over again. Our ability to get some of the worlds greatest names and stars like Tito Jackson involved in our projects along with her own unique talents beauty and style has changed perceptions, opened doors and altered the landscape for others. This is what we are about but in order to do that you need to have very unique artists and individuals.

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment made history with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment made history with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

I can see why you are comparing Stephan Dante to Missy Elliott. She does have that edge and vibe about her and her music but in many ways she is very different because as you have heard today her music spans from RnB, to Rock and contemporary pop. The ease at which she can deliver all of this is what astounded us when we were writing and producing with her. She would come in with a new song and it would be punk and we would look at her a bit funny until she laid it down and then we were all just nodding our heads at her genius. I have been blessed to have worked with many great artists and I hope more to come. She to me will be right up there with the best of them if she wants to be.

When the right artist comes into our space and we decide to work together we then build them from the ground up working on all aspects of their career, image, video, music and PR. Where we can we link them into our films too. We only work with artist who are in it for the love and the long hall because if you are just in it for the money or fame you cannot be trusted in the same way. You can be worked with but not trusted because there is always someone else out there with more money or who can offer you something you feel will make you famous quicker.

Shlepp Entertainment CEO and founder Stevie Eagle E

Shlepp Entertainment CEO and founder Stevie Eagle E

All of this takes time a great deal of effort and a great team along with the obvious expense. So we are very careful about who we get with. I am hoping that Stephan Dante will be ready to hit the UK music scene very soon. We are still putting things in place and building her social network and profile. She is a very private person and is not bothered about fame or the limelight she is a born creative and she has come through a lot. Her story is very compelling and I feel a lot of people will understand her. She had to battle many things including depression and has turned her fears into her impetus and inspiration to write and produce art, stories and music. She has turned her life around and she is a great example to others. She is very spiritual and has a strong relationship with her god and she credits this with helping her get through her toughest moments in life. We have slowly been trying to get her to embrace social media something which she has not been a great fan of in the past so from that point of view she was old skool, working the clubs and with producers and writers all over the place but not pushing herself in the media in anyway. We have had to start from scratch and we are working hard to get it all together as soon as possible.

Stevie Eagle E

At the end of the preview we all were eager to know when we can expect some of the tunes we had heard from Stephan Dante to drop. It seems we may not have to wait too long as they are hoping to drop something for ‘The street’ a track we all loved called ‘Nails Did‘ before Christmas. The preview that Shlepp has put out gives you an idea of just how catchy and now this track is but wait till you hear the the track now! It’s on another level and it does not take a genius to hear this can blow on both sides of the pond.

We look forward to bringing you more exclusives from Stephan Dante and Shlepp Entertainment soon, but for now I think it is safe to say that Stephan Dante is the UK’s ‘Missy Elliot’ with a little twist of her own.

You can follow Stephan Dante on her new twitter at @Iamstephandante

You can also be one of the first to become a fan on her facebook page.

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