British urban poet, singer and songwriter, Stephan Dante signs to Shlepp Records

Singer, Songwriter and Poet Stephan Dante signs to Shlepp Records

Singer, Songwriter and Poet Stephan Dante signs to Shlepp Records

Shlepp Entertainment supremo Stevie Eagle E today confirmed that he had put pen to paper and signed another brand new artist Stephan Dante.  Stevie Eagle E describes  Stephan Dante as a unique urban poet and songwriter who has an almost unlimited musical range.  In this own words ‘Stephan Dante is the kind of artist that can sing Barbra Streisand or Nicki Minaj with the same swagger.’

Considering the fact that for seven years Shlepp Entertainment focused most of it’s energies on breaking the worlds first truly crossover Chinese pop star Ayi Jihu it makes you wonder what has prompted Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment to sign not just one but two brand new artists since the beginning of the year.  Shlepp Entertainment recently added Ukrainian artist Joanna Shegera to their roster.

We asked Stevie Eagle E what prompted him to widen Shlepp Entertainment’s roster in 2015?

There is a saying in London that you wait ages for one bus to come along and then 3 come along at once.  I guess you could say that kind of happened to us.  We never set up Shlepp Records to do things like other labels.  It was always our intention to focus on ourselves EEDB Stevie E and Doc B and before we knew it we had a few artists and things went from there.  After a while I realised I was not happy working this way.  My skills are better suited to being a mentor finding and developing special talent one on one not managing a gaggle of self-absorbed artists.  So I changed the whole concept of Shlepp Records in 2007 when we signed Ayi Jihu and that has worked for us greatly.

There are many artists out there these days, It seems everyone you speak to can sing or rap or do something and perhaps they can.  However for me I am looking for something that goes beyond that.  Something that can impact or change the game and those types of artists are rare.  You cannot go out and find those types of artists, they have to find you or I should say you have to find each other.  Stephan Dante and Joanna Shegera both fit into my criteria.  I was not looking for either of them, but when these types of artist come into your space you have to do something with them.’

Shlepp Entertainment recently signed Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera

Shlepp Entertainment recently signed Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera

Shlepp Entertainment have recently released what they call a peek-a-boo trailer type video of the first Stephan Dante track called ‘Nails (Did)  Stevie Eagle E is hard at work developing Stephan Dante and Joanna Shegera and hopes to release singles with both artists this year.

Here at Globalnewsink we shall endeavour to keep you informed and up to date on the progress of Stephan Dante.  If all goes according to Stevie Eagle E’s Plans you will be seeing a lot of her yourself anyway.

Find out more about Stephan Dante by visiting her webpage at




  1. Freedom Born · · Reply

    Brilliant article. I can hardly wait.

  2. […] weeks ago certain members of the music and entertainment press were alerted to Shlepp Entertainments introduces Stephan Dante new signing Stephan Dante. A brand new singer songwriter and urban poet that they were intending to […]

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