Shlepp Entertainment Supremo Stevie Eagle E hoping for lightning to strike twice with Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera

Shlepp Entertainment CEO and founder Stevie Eagle E

Shlepp Entertainment CEO and founder Stevie Eagle E

Making history and ‘changing the game’ seems to be a habit of Shlepp Entertainment Supremo Stevie Eagle E aka Stephen Ellis. Perhaps most noted for crossing over the first true born Chinese artist into popular Western culture (Ayi Jihu) He now seems to be hoping that lightning will strike twice as he signs Ukrainian starlet Joanna Shegera to Shlepp Entertainment.

Shlepp Entertainment are not known for signing loads of artist. In since the signing of the one woman media and entertainment machine that was Ayi Jihu, Shlepp have not signed another artist until now. We wanted to find out what made Joanna Shegera and also Stephan Dante so special.

Ukrainian rising star Joanna Shegera set to make waves in the West

Ukrainian rising star Joanna Shegera set to make waves in the West

We asked Stevie Eagle E what convinced him to sign Ukrainian artist Joanna Shegera?

In my business I am approached a lot with talent, But I am not on the look out for talent, I am always on the look out for something a little bit special, something that could possibly change the game and if nothing else something that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. These days everywhere you look someone is an artist or this or that. To me most are are a waste of time, living of praise from family and friends in a subjective environment that is devoid of reality. To make something happen in this game you need more than just talent, but that is a great place to start. You need a lot of qualities. Joanna Shegera was introduced to me by a songwriter I have worked with for decades and whom I respect greatly. He knows my criteria and in all the time I have known him and with the hundreds of artists and singers that have come through his door he has only ever brought 2 to my attention Joanna Shegera is one of them. When we met I was impressed with her attitude, character, and vibe. The talent and beauty were obvious, but not the keys to my taking her on.

There is a confusion amongst the public lead by the media that a singer just needs to be able to hit a high note or dance around. This misconception has lead to everyone thinking ‘Oh i can do that.’ When one looks at the greats and I mean the real greats, they have one thing in common. They had to come through some serious shit get to the top and they had to have more than just talent to make it. They had to sacrifice many things and suffer many things. It is this process of going through the fire a fire that forges steel and iron that made them the great artists and icons that they became and are. You cannot tell for sure when you meet an artists if they have the ability to endure what is going to come, but you can get an idea if you have the eyes, wisdom, experience and knowledge. I am looking to see if the artist can finish the race, because any fool can start it. I am looking to see if the artist as honesty, integrity, the right work ethic and social conciousness. I am looking for many things that go beyond talent, and then I am looking for that spark, that thing you cannot put your finger on, or put in a box. That thing you cannot make up or manufacture. Some call it magic some call it star quality, I just call it a blessing if you are lucky enough to find someone with it.

With Joanna Shegera I felt that spark and the more I got to know her the more I began to see glimpses of the things that I need to see. This and her incredible talent convinced me to take the plunge.

What are your expectations for Joanna Shegera, where do you feel she fits in the current global music scene and market place?

My expectations for any artist I take on now are always huge. Joanna Shegera like Ayi Jihu has the ability to do something a little bit special simply because she is breaking new ground. Also there is an expectation there now because of what we started with Ayi Jihu. I may not always reach the top of the mountain, but that is where my gaze is always firmly focused. How far she goes depends on many factors but mostly on how hard we work. It is not about being good, or keeping up with what is out there it is about being great and changing the game. That is always my focus and that is what I preach to all those I work with. It’s early days yet, but I expect great things from Joanna Shegera.

Stevie Eagle E with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Stevie Eagle E discovered and developed Ayi Jihu

Can we expect to see Joanna Shegera and Ayi Jihu together and when can we expect to see new Ayi Jihu product as well as Product from Joanna Shegera?

That was a mouthful! As regards Ayi Jihu and Joanna Shegera linking up, anything is possible but I would not hold your breath on that one. As regards new Ayi Jihu product we are looking to release brand new Music, videos and material this summer in a unique way. I cannot really say more than that as we are still developing the products. What I can say is we have some fantastic songs and product to come from Ayi Jihu and her millions of fans will not be disappointed. You can expect the same for Joanna Shegera although this year is really a development year for her she is rising faster than ever because there is a desire for someone from her region to break through and she has all the bits to be that one. She is the real deal.

We know you have also signed another artist Stephan Dante to your company can you tell us a little bit about her?

I’m very excited about Stephan Dante for many reasons. Life is like waiting for a bus in London. You wait and wait and wait and then 3 buses turn up at once. I really was not expecting Joanna Shegera or Stephan Dante they both came though at the right time. Stephan is a pure talent and artist. Her writing is amazing and her talent is unique. She is part poet part philosopher and her story is compelling. She is also very prolific she can write songs all day.

Urban Poet, singer, songwriter Stephan Dante

Urban Poet, singer, songwriter Stephan Dante

We have what I feel is a cool song that will do well on the street and beyond and I am hoping this will launch her and we can push on from there. We are still in the process of developing her but we hope to have her established this year by late summer at least. She is one to look out for, for sure! If people want to know more about her they can go to www.ShleppEntertainment.EU and hit the ‘About’ Link.

Thank you very much for your time. We all know how busy you are. Before you go can you tell us what to expect from Shlepp Entertainment and Stevie Eagle E in the future?

Expect us to keep trying to make things happen and change the game. Expect us to do stuff in a slightly different way. We have a lot of projects on the boil including 3 great movies which I am really excited about. Many of our projects have been developed over years and I have something really exciting to launch this summer but I cannot speak too much about it until we hit the world with it. I am excited about the future. As for me I am looking to release some new product as Stevie Eagle E in 2016. I have been writing an album for almost 4 years now but I have been too busy with other things to really focus on it and get it done. I feel the right time is approaching and to be honest I still have quite a few fans who keep asking me when am I going to come out with some new music. Whatever happens we shall keep ‘Shlepping’ doing it our way.

– Fitzgerald


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