Ukraine rising star Joanna Shegera looks set to make waves in the West as she hooks up with Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Ukrainian rising star Joanna Shegera
It’s not everyday that a voice from a new Artist that you haven’t heard before comes your way that gets your full attention. Unique, diverse, and hauntingly beautiful with an Eastern European flavour in her tones, she certainly made me stop and listen. The first thing that came to mind for me was ‘different.’ I realised Joanna Shegera is going to make serious waves in the West.

Ukraine rising star Joanna Shegera

Ukraine rising star Joanna Shegera

In a music industry now where it seems having a great voice doesn’t always matter, where it’s more about sex appeal, background effects and putting on a show, where a voice can be altered to sound the way producers want it to, it’s refreshing when you do come across an Artist that doesn’t need to do anything else to impress and keep an audience interested, other then just pick up that microphone and sing. Their voice is real and their voice does is all! The rest is an added bonus.
Ukrainian rising star Joanna Shgegera
Welcome to Joanna Shegera (Jey C), Ukranian born singer and songwriter and a star in the making with all ‘real’ in her voice and plenty of ‘added bonus’s.’ Born in Ternopol, West Ukraine, though her beautiful looks and singing come easy to her, her life hasn’t always been that way. She’s had her fair share of hard times, but her dream and her ‘Big’ talent helped her overcome any obstacles that came her way and helped her find her way to London, UK where she recorded her first album at 22, and has had all good things come to her since then. This is where she has always belonged, doing what comes naturally to her, what she loves!

Joanna Shegera and family in Ukraine

Joanna Shegera grew up in Ternopol Ukraine. She arrived in the UK at the age of 19

With Stevie Eagle E the CEO at Shlepp Entertainment Ltd and Shlepp Records behind her, Joanna is now putting together her new album and videos and it won’t be long before the World too sees and hears what got a London Entertainment and Record Company so excited!
Stevie Eagle E is now developing Joanna Shegera
So stay tuned and be a witness to this new Star unfold and what she has in store for us all.
Until then I’ll leave you with Joanna’s amazing voice with “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and a few words from Stevie Eagle E that sums this new Ukrainian and Eastern European Artist up beautifully.
“Joanna has a wonderful enigmatic voice. She is totally unique. She can caress a melody like a true craftsman and squeeze every ounce of emotion out of a song. She can traverse the dulcet tones and then power away like a rock star at the blink of an eye. She is in complete control of every word, every feeling and inflection on a song. “

Here is a small taste of Joanna Shegera.

For more information in Joanna Shegera please visit Shlepp Entertainment

You can also visit her facebook page.

You can follow Joanna Shegera on Twitter at @jeycshegera

– Paula Katsikas


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