Chinese star Ayi Jihu set to hit big with Brazil world cup Anthem song in Germany

Chinese star Ayi Jihu looking to hit big with Ilumina (Shallallaja) track in Germany

Chinese star Ayi Jihu looking to hit big with Ilumina (Shallallaja) track in Germany

Chinese star Ayi Jihu is set to move further into the public eye in 2014 as the release of her new single Ilumina (Shallallaja) is set to drop in Germany on the 27th of June 2014. The German remix of the song written and performed by Brazilian star Edu Casanova and also featuring Rapper Toni Tuklan has captured the imagination of Brazil and is set to do great things in Germany and beyond?. The song has been linked to several world cup promotions in Germany as well as been taken on by the main Dance and Zumba schools over there giving it a strong platform for success in that market.

The German remix of the original track by producer Peter Doc B Bielig is geared towards the German market bringing in African/German rapper Toni Tuklan who is riding high in the charts over there at this time. We are told the original or a different mix will be released in the UK and perhaps the USA more geared to those markets with the original (more brazilian flavour) mix being released in Brazil and South America.

The success of this track already is a triumph for international collaboration. Ayi Jihu is an international artist working with artists all over the world. Going to Brazil and linking up with Edu Casanova was another masterstroke from this trailblazing Chinese artist and her record company Shlepp Entertainment Ltd. Months of hard work were put in behind the scenes putting this all together. Building a good relationship with the Brazilian people and artistic community as well as working closely with Government.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu developed an international partnership with Brazilian Star Edu Casanova

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu developed an international partnership with Brazilian Star Edu Casanova

While many even in Brazil could not initially see the end game the world is now paying attention to this collaboration and effort especially with Ayi Jihu being the first Chinese artist to perform at the Carnival in Brazil with Edu Casanova. They performaned the song to Millions of people in the streets of Brazil at the carnival in Bahia and that translated to Brazilian TV and Radio pushing her and a National Brazilian audience as the Chinese Madonna You can see Ayi Jihu on Brazil National TV here.

The collaboration has helped launch Edu Casanova back into the mainstream and has got the whole Brazilian music industry watching as this type of project has been attempted many times in the past but has yet to be internationally successful.

The campaign will be truly international with several versions of the song and video being released in different markets. The German video will feature Brazilian and Barcelona soccer star Dani Alves seen below recording with Edu Casanova in Spain.

Edu Casanova shooting for Ilumina with Soccer Star Daniel Alves in spain

Edu Casanova shooting for Ilumina with Soccer Star Daniel Alves in spain












Not only does the project have Chinese star Ayi Jihu involved in it but it was initially produced by German Producer Peter Doc B Bielig, who worked in association with Stevie Eagle E (UK/USA/Jamaica) (Shlepp Entertainment Ltd) Who not only brought Ayi Jihu to the project but also produced and directed the videos (media), but also contributed to the musical production and writing process. This was all tied together by German media company Storz Media GMBH run by Bernhard Stroz in Stuttgart Germany. Ilumina is a truly international project thanks to the efforts made by Ayi Jihu and her team to bring it to the world and take it beyond Brazil and Germany using Shlepp Entertainments powerful PR and Media global and social network.

Chinese star Ayi Jihu speaks to GlobalNewsInk on the phone
We spoke to Ayi Jihu via telephone from Cambridge UK about the track and the whole project.

Ayi you must be feeling very happy about how this project and song is shaping up?

Yes of course I am very happy. We have worked very long and hard on this for almost a year and it is good to see it coming to fruition now. I truly hope it does well and even becomes a hit. It has has all the bits.

Ayi what made you get involved with all of this in the first place?

Well as you know it is my style to do this type of thing, but it was my manager Stevie Eagle E who convinced me to take on this project and work with Edu Casanova. I had never really heard of him before and I am sure he did not know me but I liked the idea of going to Brazil and trying something new and I know that if i get involved with something it usually catches the attention of others around the world, so I went for it. I liked the song too. The idea was really to bring exposure to the project by getting involved and then working it from there. I think it worked out quite nicely really. I can honestly say I worked very hard on this project, putting in a lot of time and effort so it is good to see it paying off.

How do you feel about how the song has developed with the different mixes and versions?

When you have been in the music business long enough you know this type of thing has to be done. This is an international project starting in Brazil and then through Germany. It is being initially released by German Record label Millenium Pearls which is part of Storz Media GMBH. From there it hits the rest of the world we hope and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd will become more involved. The mixes reflect each market. The German version is quite different but its good and they brought in Toni Tuklan to feature on the track and do his thing. Again someone knew to me, but he has the ears of the German public having had some success there and so it makes sense to bring in someone they are familiar with. Both Edu and myself look forward to meeting him at some point. If you asked my which mix I like the best it would be the original production by Peter Doc Bielig. That has the most flavour of Brazil and is a bit more organic and real but i like them all. The mix for the UK and maybe the USA is kinda heavy too. I have heard it and I think that has a good chance of making some noise over here in England.

Did you enjoy making the videos?

Oh I loved making the videos that was the most fun. Bahia is such a cool place and the people are amazing. We shot over several months in China too. When I went to China to perform with Edu for the Chinese Prime Minister and Brazilian Vice President we did several performances and shot around Macau etc. We tried to keep the flavour of Brazil in the videos as much as possible, especially with the world cup around the corner. There are several versions of the video coming out, again something a bit different. We just shot some scenes with Dani Alves in Spain for the German version of the track and to promote the whole world cup theme and vibe that the song is taking on. It’s all very exciting to start something like this and see so many other people see and feel the momentum and jump on board and get involved. I am very proud of what we have done here on many levels.

What are your expectations?

It may sound a bit weird but I do not have any expectations, I work hard do my best and hope that things go well. I trust in my immediate team. I have worked very hard on this, made several trips to Brazil and done many things to get this going and move the project forward. I loved working with Edu Casanova, I enjoyed the carnival and I learned a lot. I feel we as a team have done a great job on this and those coming in now really only just have to get it out there. Although I had a lot to do with many aspects of the project it is an Edu Casanova song and that means I have to follow the lead of others. My job now is to support the project as much as I can and help it get as far as it can.

What comes next for you Ayi?

Well at the moment we are all focused on Ilumina. As soon as we have that up and running we have to start looking at A Bola Da Vez another track I did with Edu Casanova and Tito Jackson.

We are hoping that this will do well also. Anyone who follows me will also know I am seriously working on my New album ‘The Rebirth’ This album means a lot to me and I feel people will probably get to see how I have grown and developed on this album. So it is all go right now. I am juggling a few things at the moment and it looks like this year could be another big one for me. I am excited and blessed by the opportunities god has made available to me and my immediate team.

Do you have any plans to do more with Tito Jackson or Edu Casanova?

Well a lot has been thrown up in the air in recent months I would like to wait and see what sticks. I love working with other artists it’s the best way for an artist like me coming from China to get a real understanding and feel for music all over the world. I am not sure what the future holds with those two artist. Yes I would love to work with them again at some point. Right now I a have some other really fantastic collaborations on the boil with great new up and coming artist and also established great singers and songwriters. I won’t say too much now until everything is fully in place but lets just say I have only just begun.

Edu Casanova with Chinese star Ayi JIhu world cup Anthem Ilumina

The future looks exciting for Ayi Jihu who continues to forge ahead on many fronts. Her forthcoming single collaboration with Edu Casanova looks likely to do do good things in the German and Brazilian markets especially with the world cup and dance school tie in’s and hookups.

We are still waiting to get the full information on the UK and USA release dates, mixes etc but for all those that can’t wait and want to get it from Germany first here is the information:

Song Name: Ilumina (Shallallaja)
Artist: Edu Casanova featuring Ayi Jihu and Toni Tuklan
Release date: 27th of June 2014
Label: Millenium Pearls
Published by: Dornberg Musikverlag
Written by Edu Casanova
Original Production by: Peter Doc B Bielig
Original video Directed by: Stevie Eagle E
Director of Photography: Freedom Born
Shot on location in: Bahia Salvador Brazil and China.
©Storz Medienfabrik GmbH
Weilstr. 7 – 9
73734 Esslingen
©Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

Ilumina will on a special Brazil themed compilation which will be released on the 04 of July 2014 to be followed by Bola Da Vez and Albums from both Ayi Jihu and Edu Casanova.

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  2. […] on all developments here at Global News. Before that Ayi Jihu will be hoping for success with a major release in Germany on June 27th […]

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