Press Release: Top Fashion photographer to work with Chinese star Ayi Jihu

Top International photographer Salvatorie Tangorre to work with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Top International photographer Salvatorie Tangorre to work with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu

Press Release

Date: 10 Jan. 14

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd would like to announce the appointment of Photographer Salvatorie Tangorre as North American Visual consultant to Chinese Star Ayi Jihu.

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd CEO Stephen Ellis:

“As we look to transition Chinese star Ayi Jihu into the North American market we are building up a special team to help us achieve this transition smoothly. Ayi Jihu is the first of her kind and the American public are a unique group who have a particular eye and vibe. Many artists and celebrities try unsuccessfully to transition to North America. This failure is due to many reasons. To some degree Ayi Jihu has already successfully made this transition but as we now concentrate on pushing her further above the radar in North America we want to make sure we work with the best out there to make sure we continue to get this right.

It is also very important to us that we work with people who understand and get Shlepp Entertainment Ltd, Ayi Jihu and what we are trying to achieve. Salvatorie Tangorre has worked/for many of the top international brands in North America and has photographed and worked with many of the top models and stars too. He understands Americana with an international twist. He understands women and he understands branding. He and Ayi Jihu get on well together and he understands what we are trying to achieve and how. We feel he will be a vibrant addition to our team and goals.

We look forward to having the benefit of his artistic and knowledgeable eye and input on Ayi Jihu as we move forward into 2014.”

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